Thanks Giving, Thanks Receiving

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. “Thanks a lot, thanks for all I’ve got…” – Raffi During difficult times, one of the best things we can do for ourselves and each […]

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Water Communion

Homily by Shawn Newton. Come home to the power of this place, Come home to the refuge of worship, Where rivers of tears may be shed, Where dry souls are […]

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The Fruits of our Labour

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. Usually, we know what to expect from the Labour Day weekend. Familiar back-to-school preparations, the final days of the CNE, the crisp sense of anticipation […]

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The Art of Life

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. During the pandemic, many people have turned to art and craft-making as a way of spending time and coping with stress. This is a very […]

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Turning Points

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. The act of turning is central to human experience. We behold the wonder of sunrise and sunset as the earth turns. We speak of turning […]

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Fine, Not Fine

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. These days, it can seem more difficult than usual to respond to the everyday question “How are you?” The answer may be “It’s complicated!” More […]

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The Elephants in the Zoom

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. In recent days, our world continues to be changed in profound and dramatic ways, as millions mobilize against systemic racism while simultaneously continuing to alter […]

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Mothering the World

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison. The annual Mother’s Day holiday takes place at a time of year when the earth itself is giving birth to new life. This year, some […]

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An Earth Day Like No Other

Sermon by Lynn Harrison. The year 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, which is observed by 193 countries around the world. But this April 22nd will be […]

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