All Kinds of Love

Sermon by Lynn Harrison.

Love word map

This week at First Unitarian, we continue with our longstanding tradition of offering a variety of poems and music about love on the Sunday closest to Valentine’s Day.

Although “love” is a word we use all the time in songs, sermons and stories, it’s also a word that defies easy definition. It brings to mind romance and sexuality, family and friendship ties, the bonds of community and justice work, even the depth of spiritual connection. It’s not surprising that poets continue to be inspired by the multi-faceted subject of love, as they have been for centuries.

I’ll be joined in this special service by resident musicians Danny Fong, Tahirih Vejdani and Gabrielle Byrnes, who will offer songs to lift our hearts, and Catherine Lake who will lead us in worship. Dallas Bergen will join me in sharing a selection of love poems from many different perspectives, in his last Sunday with us before he begins a well-earned sabbatical break, returning in mid-April.

I hope you’ll join us on Sunday, to celebrate love in all its forms, through poetry and song.


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