Giving To First

There are two easy ways to make an online donation to Toronto First.

  • By Interac E-Transfer from your bank: From your online bank account, add a recipient for Give@nullFirstUnitarianToronto.org. The bank will verify that we are accepting autodeposits. Then make the transfer. You can always add a note to designate your gift to a special fund. This method is preferred as it does not incur a charge to First Unitarian.
  • Through CanadaHelps: Go to our page at CanadaHelps, FirstUnitarianToronto.org/CH, and make the donation. CanadaHelps admin fee will be deducted from your donation—please consider adjusting your gift to accommodate the fee.

To support First Unitarian services, programs, and our work in the wider world, please Pledge to give monthly.

Thank You!

Pledges For Ongoing Giving


We are grateful for the ongoing generosity of our members and friends who make financial contributions to support our programs and operations. First Unitarian Toronto is a registered Canadian charity (851846816 RR0001) and issues annual tax receipts.

There are many convenient ways to make a donation and we invite you to use whichever method or combination of methods are best suited to you.

If you are ready and able to give regularly to First, you are probably ready and able to participate in what we call “Pledging”. Our annual Pledge Drive occurs in the spring to cover  the twelve months starting in July, when we provide our members and friends with information about this critical process for sustaining our congregation and planning our annual budget.

We ask members and friends to indicate ( i.e., “pledge”) an amount they are committed to giving over the course of the coming year. This stated financial commitment from each member, paid periodically, allows us to plan staffing and programs knowing there will be sufficient funds. If you give regularly (monthly, quarterly, annually) you will provide us with a predictable income. Of course, the amount is up to you; we invite you to give at a level that fits your circumstances and your values.

We understand that circumstances can change and pledges can’t always be fulfilled. We ask that you please advise our bookkeeper if you must make a change to your pledge so we can adjust our cash flow expectations accordingly.

You can create a pledge at any time using the confidential secure online pledge form.  Or if you prefer to use a paper form, you can download it, or let us send you one by Canada Post.

Ways To Donate

Please contact our bookkeeper, Daniel Grzymisch if you have any questions about your donations.

If you donate at least $20 in a year, you will receive a tax receipt from First Unitarian in February covering the full amount you donated in the previous year. It will come either by email (if we have your email address) or by Canada Post.

If you donate via CanadaHelps, the tax receipt will be generated by CanadaHelps.

Donate in the Collection Basket
When you put a donation in the collection basket during the Sunday service, whether by cash or cheque, 100% of your donation comes to First Unitarian.

Donate using post-dated cheques
If you prefer to donate by cheque, please mail or deliver your post-dated cheques to office, to the attention of the Bookkeeper.

Donate using debit from your bank account
When you donate via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), 100% of your donation comes to First Unitarian.

We can set up a recurring donation on your schedule (monthly, quarterly, every two months).
Please provide your bank information on our secure pledge form or by giving a void cheque to our bookkeeper or leaving it in the collection basket. You could also email a photo of a void cheque.

Donate using your credit card
First Unitarian supports donations using either Visa or Mastercard.  When you donate via your credit card, the card takes a processing fee. 95-97% of your donation comes to First Unitarian. Please consider adding 3% to cover the fees.  We can set up a recurring donation on your schedule (monthly, quarterly, every two months)  Please provide your credit card information on our secure pledge form or by giving the information to our bookkeeper.

Donate via CanadaHelps
When you donate via CanadaHelps, there is a processing fee of 3.5%, so 96.5% of your donation comes to First Unitarian. Learn more at CanadaHelps.ca. CanadaHelps supports automatic monthly donations. Your tax receipt will be available on CanadaHelps.ca. You can get one receipt for all your donations for a year.

Donate by Transferring Securities
Giving stock directly to First may be more prudent than selling stock and giving cash because there may be tax advantages related to capital gains.
Please contact your financial advisor to confirm the best arrangements for you. Use our Stock Transfer Form (pdf).

Estate Planning
Planned Giving is a way to express your support for First after you are gone. If you’d like more information, please contact the Chair of Team Generosity about how to make your wishes known and select the most suitable way for you to plan this type of gift.