Engage and Connect

Are you as engaged and connected as you want to be at First?

Volunteering is a rewarding way to expand your connections at First and deepen your appreciation for the myriad activities and skills it takes to nurture and maintain a religious community.

Examples of ongoing leadership opportunities: (Contact the President by email to learn more about these commitments.)

  • Board of Trustees volunteers serve for a 3-year term on our policy-focused Board.
  • Nominating Committee members take a 2-year term to help identify candidates for the Board and other leadership roles.
  • Finance roles include Finance Coordinator (works closely with Bookkeeper to ensure accurate and timely financial record-keeping and reporting); Treasurer (works with the Board and the Finance Coordinator to monitor overall financial health of First); Funds Management Committee (works with a professional Investment Manager to oversee First’s long term capital).
  • Service Leaders collaborate with the Ministers to present a welcoming and inspiring service on Sundays; they deliver readings, meditations, and announcements.
  • Pastoral Caregivers participate in our Circle of Care.
  • Lay Chaplains provide outreach into the broader community by officiating at services for life transitions such as weddings, memorials, namings, etc. Visit the lay chaplains’ website.