Engage and Connect

Are you as engaged and connected as you want to be at First?

Volunteering is a rewarding way to expand your connections at First and deepen your appreciation for the myriad activities and skills it takes to nurture and maintain a religious community.

The Engage & Connect Team provides resources and recommendations for members and friends who want to get involved in activities at First. You can meet with Engage & Connect volunteers on Sundays after service; their table is upstairs outside the coffee room. If the right opportunity isn’t happening for you right now, they’ll help you stay in touch and keep an eye out for something that matches your preferences.

Examples of regular opportunities to help out:

  • Coffee Team: Coffee Hour depends on the fabulous people who prepare, pour, and clean up. You can join the team as an ongoing member or take a shift on a rotating basis. Contact Wendy Peebles by email.
  • Office Team: Bring your organizing talents to our office once a week or even once a month to help with sorting and filing information, producing our Order of Service, and other sundry administrative activities. Contact Administrator@nullFirstUnitarianToronto.org.
  • Bookstore Team: The Bookstore is open each Sunday during coffee hour and you can help out once per month. Contact Lynn Hughes by email.
  • Property Maintenance: From time to time we need helping hands for painting, small repairs, and general maintenance. Contact Dominic Stones by email.
  • Gardening: On a seasonal basis, we need helping hands to do weeding, watering, and planting.
  • Organize an Event: Hold a social or fundraising event to build community and resources. These instructions will help you get organized.

Examples of ongoing leadership opportunities: (Contact the President by email to learn more about these commitments.)

  • Board of Trustees volunteers serve for a 3-year term on our policy-focused Board.
  • Nominating Committee members take a 2-year term to help identify candidates for the Board and other leadership roles.
  • Finance roles include Finance Coordinator (works closely with Bookkeeper to ensure accurate and timely financial record-keeping and reporting); Treasurer (works with the Board and the Finance Coordinator to monitor overall financial health of First); Funds Management Committee (works with a professional Investment Manager to oversee First’s long term capital).
  • Service Leaders collaborate with the Ministers to present a welcoming and inspiring service on Sundays; they deliver readings, meditations, and announcements.
  • Pastoral Caregivers participate in our Circle of Care.
  • Lay Chaplains provide outreach into the broader community by officiating at services for life transitions such as weddings, memorials, namings, etc. Visit the lay chaplains’ website.