Spiritual Care at First

It's OK to not be OKFirst Unitarian provides one-on-one, confidential spiritual care to members and friends of the Congregation. Individuals are welcome to reach out to Rev. Lynn Harrison (Minister of Spiritual Care) or Rev. Shawn Newton (Senior Minister) for support on a limited basis in times of difficulty, or when seeking personal growth or spiritual deepening.

The Ministers are supported in providing care to the Congregation by the Spiritual Care and Caring Connections Teams. For more information about Spiritual Care at First, or if you are interested in taking the Unitarian Universalist Association Lay Spiritual Care training, contact Rev. Lynn Harrison by email.

Spiritual Care Team

First Unitarian’s Spiritual Care Team has been certified through the Unitarian UUA’s Leader Lab program for Lay Spiritual Care. Members of the team, coordinated by Rev. Lynn Harrison, are available for supportive listening on a limited basis. You can reach the Spiritual Care Team by email.

When to reach out:

  • Times of grief and loss
  • Illness and recovery
  • Personal transitions
  • Spiritual or religious questions
  • Changes in relationships
  • Or anytime when you need a supportive listening ear

Caring Connections Team

First’s Caring Connections team provides supportive outreach to people in our community who are unable to attend services regularly. You can reach the team by email.