Imagine That!

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison.

Starry starry night

“… to recover from the doubt pressed upon you, the antidote for doubt is dreaming.”

So wrote Theresa I. Soto, activist and UU minister, in their poem called “Finding Our Dreams.”

Throughout the month of August, our New Horizons reflection theme has been “Imagination.” For some people, the summer months can offer a break from routine that allows for more dreaming and imaginative thinking.

When the world weighs heavily on us, especially during times of conflict and crisis, the topic of dreaming or imagination may seem like an impossible luxury. Yet we use our imagination all the time, whether we’re engaged in any form of artistic creativity or not. Imagination is the starting point of relationship building and healing of all kinds.

If what Theresa Soto is true, that “the antidote for doubt is dreaming,” perhaps we can find our way through difficult times by dreaming together and celebrating the gift of imagination.

This Sunday, both Rev. Shawn Newton and Angela Klassen return from summer breaks and will take part in our worship service, and Gabrielle Byrnes will offer music to inspire us.

Come join us as we delight in the beauty and power of our imagination, in the strength of community.


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