The Possibilities Are Endless

Sermon by Lynn Harrison.

Fish Jumping

Very often we imagine that we understand ourselves very well, or that we know what will happen next in a given situation. Very often we are completely mistaken!

In our personal lives, and in life as a congregation, the possibilities extend far beyond our imaginations. When we understand that we’re part of a mysterious whole that is continually unfolding, we can behold all the emerging possibilities with reverence and awe.

This Sunday, we’ll be welcoming several people into membership at First Unitarian and celebrating the ever-changing community that we share. Dallas Bergen will lead our online ritual for this Membership Sunday and Danny Fong will offer uplifting music for us. After the service, we hope you will attend the Congregational Meeting.

As well, we’re excited to share with you plans for our upcoming in-person services, which will resume Sunday, November 7th, alongside our continuing online worship on Zoom.

There will be a weekly pre-registration process beginning in the first week of November, leading up to our first in-person service on the 7th. This pre-registration will help us manage the capacity limitations that come with distancing requirements. Read all the details about the upcoming in-person Sunday option.

As new possibilities emerge for all of us, in these times that continue to challenge and change us all, may we come together in a circle of love that will sustain us through all seasons ahead.

See you on Sunday,

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