Notable Unitarians

The following list shows a sample of notable Unitarians, Universalists and Unitarian Universalists.

Note that for privacy reasons, we have listed people who are alive only if they have publicly spoken about their faith.

NameDates         Description
Zach Wahlsb. 1991Activist, author of My Two MomsLearn more
Greta Gerwigb. 1983Actor and filmmaker, Lady Bird, BarbieLearn more
Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent)b. 1982MusicianLearn more
Dawud Wharnsbyb. 1972Canadian musicianLearn more
Andre Braugherb. 1962Actor, Brooklyn Nine Nine, The Good FightLean more
Alyson Schaferb. 1960'sCanadian parenting expert, TV host, Author of Ain’t Misbehavin, Honey, I Wrecked The Kids, and Breaking the Good Mom MythLearn more
Keith Olbermannb. 1959Political commentator and writerLearn more
Sir Tim Berners-Leeb. 1955Physicist, inventor of the World Wide WebLearn more
Bruce Hyerb. 1946MP for Thunder Bay-Superior North (2008-2015)Learn more
Robert Munschb. 1945Canadian author of Love You Forever and The Paper Bag PrincessLearn more
Robert Fulghumb. 1937Unitarian Minister, author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in KindergartenLearn more
Joanne Woodwardb. 1930Actress, PhilanthropistLearn more
Randy Pausch1960-2008Computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University, author of The Last LectureLearn more
Christopher Reeve1952-2004Actor, SupermanLearn more
Gary Gygax1938-2008Creator of Dungeons and DragonsLearn more
Sylvia Plath1932-1963Poet, author, The Bell JarLearn more
Margaret Laurence1926-1987Canadian author of The Stone Angel and The DivinersLearn more
Paul Newman1925-2008Actor, PhilanthropistLearn more
Rod Serling1924-1975Screenwriter, TV producerLearn more
Kurt Vonnegut1922-2007Author of Slaughterhouse-Five and Breakfast of ChampionsLearn more
Steve Allen1921-2000Actor, Comedian, TV hostLearn more
Lloyd Francis1920-2007MP for Ottawa area ridings (1962-1984), parliamentary speaker (1980-1984)Learn more
Peter Brock1920-2006Historian, pacifist scholar, member of this congregationLearn more
Pete Seeger1919-2014Musician, social activistLearn more
May Sarton1912-1995Poet, author of Coming Into Eighty and Mrs. Stevens Hears the Mermaids SingingLearn more
Rev. William P. Jenkins1911-1985Minister of First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, 1943-1959. Known as the Canadian Unitarian Moses. Spread Unitarianism across Canada. Hosted a radio program on CHUM in the 1950’s called Let’s Think TogetherLearn more
James Coyne1910-2012Governor of the Bank of Canada (1955-1961), member of this congregation in the 1960’sLearn more
Dorothy Livesay1909-1996Canadian poetLearn more
Dr. Lotta Hitschmanova1909-1990Canadian humanitarian, founder of Unitarian Service Committee of CanadaLearn more
William Dennison1905-1981Mayor of Toronto (1966-1972), member of this congregationLearn more
Margaret Sutton (aka Rachel Beebe)1903-2001Author of children’s books, including the Judy Bolton seriesLearn more
Linus Pauling1901-1994Nobel Laureate for Peace and for ChemistryLearn more
Buckminster Fuller1895-1983Engineer, designer, inventor, futuristLearn more
e. e. Cummings1894-1962poet, painterLearn more
Arthur Lismer1885-1969Canadian painter, member of the Group of Seven, member of this congregationLearn more
William Carlos Williams1883–1963Physician and authorLearn more
N.C. Wyeth1882-1945IllustratorLearn more
Bela Bartok (aka Bartók Béla)1881-1945Hungarian composerLearn more
Vilhjalmur Stefansson1879-1962Arctic explorer, champion of Native American rights, CanadianLearn more
Luigi Von Kunits1870-1931Founder and conductor of the Toronto Symphony, violinist, member of this congregationLearn more
Frank Lloyd Wright1867-1959ArchitectLearn more
Beatrix Potter1866-1943Conservationist, author of The Tale of Peter RabbitLearn more
Edvard Grieg1843-1907Norwegian composerLearn more
Louisa May Alcott1832-1888Abolitionist, author of Little WomenLearn more
Clara Barton1821-1912Organizer of the American Red CrossLearn more
Florence Nightingale1820-1910Nurse, humanitarian, statistician, Inventor of the Pie ChartLearn more
Susan B. Anthony1820-1906Activist, publisherLearn more
Walt Whitman1819-1892Poet, humanistLearn more
Herman Melville1819-1891Author of Moby DickLearn more
Henry David Thoreau1817-1862Author, poet, abolitionist, naturalistLearn more
Emily Stowe1813-1903Toronto physician, suffragette, first woman doctor in CanadaLearn more
Charles Dickens1812-1870Novelist, author of A Christmas Carol and Oliver TwistLearn more
P. T. Barnum1810-1891ShowmanLearn more
Charles Darwin1809–1882NaturalistLearn more
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow1807-1882Poet, educatorLearn more
Dr. Joseph Workman1805-1894Toronto psychiatrist, educator, mental health advocate, co-founder of this congregationLearn more
Nathaniel Hawthorne1804-1864Author of The Scarlet Letter and The House of the Seven GablesLearn more
Ralph Waldo Emerson1803-1882Unitarian minister, essayist, poetLearn more
Hossea Ballou1771-1852Universalist ministerLearn more
John Molson1763-1836Canadian brewer, Member of the Legislative Council of Lower CanadaLearn more
Robert Burns1759-1796National Poet of ScotlandLearn more
Joseph Priestley1733-1804Scientist, natural philosopher, political theoristLearn more
Edmond Halley1656-1742Astronomer, discoverer of Halley’s cometLearn more
Sir Isaac Newton1642-1726Physicist and mathematicianLearn more
John II Sigismund Zápolya1540-1570King of HungaryLearn more
Michael Servetus1511-1553Theologian, Unitarian martyrLearn more