Journey Groups

Journey Groups are currently meeting online. There are two registration windows, typically in September, and a limited enrollment offered in January. Registering for a Journey Group is a natural next step in engaging with us, as you continue to attend Sunday worship servicessubscribe to First Light, our weekly e-news, and “Say Hello” so we can get to know, and welcome, you!

Journey Groups are small monthly gatherings of 5-10 people. They can become a moving and meaningful way to connect with other members and with yourself, and a motivating way to strengthen your own clarity and commitment on your own spiritual path.

Led by a facilitator, who is also a member, Journey Groups explore a monthly theme using the format of respectful listening. This small group ministry approach is an opportunity to go deeper into the same theme being explored in weekly sermons during the month. In our Journey Groups, we find the all too rare opportunity to slow down, hear ourselves think, and appreciate many spiritual journeys.

Each month we publish a reflection guide, a package of readings and recommended exercises about the monthly theme. Journey Group participants use this package to prompt their own explorations and come to their group ready to share their experience of the theme and listen to what is shared by others. In this deep listening format, there is no cross talk, no advising, no debate. We benefit from the opportunity to articulate our own thoughts and witness someone else’s.

Please read the Journey Group Participant’s Guide and Covenant.