First Unitarian staff and volunteers are involved in all aspects of the congregation's activities.

Role or Group Contacts Relationship to Staff, Board or Convenors
Governance Team Reports to the Congregation
Board of Trustees Susan Phillips, President  
Chief Executive Committee Rev. Shawn Newton, Senior Minister
Susan Phillips, President
Karen Dunk-Green, Chief Convenor
Nominating Committee Art Brewer, Chair  
Committee on Shared Ministry Janine Gliener, Chair  
Committees of the Board - Volunteers Reports to the Board
Chief Convenor Karen Dunk-Green  
Team Generosity Catherine Lake, Mo MacMahon  
Funds Management Committee Wayne Lepine, Chair  
Policy Committee Margaret Kohr  
IDEAS - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility Bob Sherman  
Real Estate Task Force Karen Dunk-Green, Chair  
Senior Minister [staff] Rev. Shawn Newton (416-924-9654 x2220) Reports to the Congregation
Worship Volunteers Aligned to the Ministers
Journey Group Facilitators Margaret Kohr, Coordinator  
Worship Leaders Beth Ann McFadden, Coordinator
Niki Andre, Donald Cole, David Gunn, Maya Ferguson Klinowski, Nicole McKay
Storytellers Diane Bosman and Lynn Torrie, Coordinators
Ushers Jim Mason, Coordinator  
Sound Technician [contract staff] Matt Rideout  
Audio Visual Team (live-streaming and Sunday sound booth) Joe Mueller, Coordinator  
Minister of Community Engagement [staff] Rev. Lynn Harrison (416-924-9654 x2260) Reports to the Senior Minister
Community Engagement Volunteers Aligned to the Minister of Community Engagement
Lay Pastors Jeanne vanBronkhorst, Sabina Hikel, Michael Stroh
Pastoral Care Team Allan Brand, Coordinator; Lay Pastor Emeritus  
Greeter Team Linda Brown, Coordinator  
Newcomer Services Team Diane Wagner, Coordinator  
Engage and Connect Team Sheila Riddell, Coordinator  
Greeting Card Ministry Team Diane Bosman, Coordinator  
Memorial Services Team Janine Gliener, Coordinator  
Director of Lifespan Religious Education (DLRE) [staff] Angela Klassen (416-924-9654 x2230) Reports to the Minister
Religious Education Volunteers Aligned to the DLRE
Youth Advisors Portia Dodds, Lisa Trentin  
OWL Teachers Various; coordinated by Angela Klassen
Nursery Staff and Child Minders [contract staff] Various; coordinated by Angela Klassen
RE Teachers and RE Committee Kelly Ferguson, Coordinator  
Adult Program Committee Mary Doucette, Chair
Jennifer Drinkwater, Journey Group Registrar
Family Retreat Team Brenda Ponic, Dominic Stones, Margaret Bryant
Safe Steps Coordinator [contract staff] Diane Hoffman
Director of Congregational Music [staff] Dallas Bergen (416-924-9654 x2250) Reports to the Minister
Music Team Report/Aligned to the Director of Congregational Music
Resident Musicians [contract staff] Gabrielle Byrnes, Joanne Chapin, Danny Fong, Tom Lillington, Lucas Marchand, Tahirih Vejdani
Pianist [contract staff] Adam Sakiyama  
Choir Committee Ron Cragg, Judy Clarke, Ilene Cummings
Convenor Team Aligned to the Chief Convenor
Convenor Team:
·  Admin Convenor
·  Property Convenor
·  Finance Convenor
·  Communications Convenor
·  Fundraising Convenor
·  Denomination Convenor
·  Eco-Social Justice Convenor
·  Worship Convenor

Dominic Stones
Ted Wood
Kalvin Drake
Beth Ann McFadden
Sunday Service Volunteers Aligned to the Chief Convenor
Sunday Coffee Team Wendy Peebles, Coordinator  
Library Committee Peter Hughes, Chair  
Food Services Hope Paul, Coordinator
Kitchen Monitor Loo Russell
Denominational Affairs Volunteers Aligned to the Denominational Affairs Convenor
Lay Chaplains Committee Peter Brydon, Chair  
Lay Chaplains Karen Dunk-Green, Sue Meggs
Lay Chaplain Coordinator Beth Guthrie  
CUC Annual Meeting Delegates Selected annually  
International Council of UUs Liaison Ellen Campbell  
Unicamp Liaison Iris Kairow Murray  
Unitarian Congregations of GTA Liaison Kalvin Drake  
Finance Team Aligned to the Finance Convenor
Bookkeeper [staff] Daniel Grzymisch (416-924-9654 x2240) Reports to the Treasurer
Assistant Bookkeeper [contract staff] Carmen Schultz Reports to the Bookkeeper
Cashiers John Cummings, Coordinator  
Treasurer Emerita Kathy Thompson  
Administrator [staff] Afsoon Sabaa (416-924-9654 x2210) Reports to the Minister
Custodians [staff] JC Morrison - Senior Custodian Report to the Administrator
  Andrew Foley - Custodian  
  Stacey Attah-Poku - Backup  
Administration Volunteers Aligned to the Administration Convenor
Office Volunteers Various, coordinated by Afsoon Sabaa
IT Committee (technical infrastructure and office systems) Andrew McAllister, Chair  
HR Policy and Procedures Margaret Bryant, Chair  
Internal Audit Consultant Kathy Thompson  
Archivist OPEN  
Communications Volunteers Aligned to the Communications Convenor
Webmasters Bill Dunk-Green, Stan Yack, Mo MacMahon
Editor, First Light Tanya Cothran  
Editors, Social Media and Publicity TBD  
Property Volunteers Aligned to the Property Convenor
Property Committee Dominic Stones, Chair  
Aesthetics Committee Jean Galt, Susan Low-Beer, Gerta Moray, Anne Murdock
Weed & Seed Judy Clarke  
Paint & Patch M J Blackman  
Arts Committee Kate Cottington, Chair  
Fundraising Volunteers Aligned to the Fundraising Convenor
Fundraising Event Managers (ad hoc)  
Planned Giving Margaret Kohr  
Bookshop Volunteers Lynn Hughes, Coordinator
Eco/Social Justice Volunteers Aligned to the Eco/Social JusticeConvenor
Amnesty International Chapter 142 Ted Wood  
Canadian Unitarians for Social Justice Margaret Rao, Liaison  
UU United Nations Office     
Central America Community Development  Richard Kirsh, Liaison
New Visions Liaison Barb Wentworth, Liaison
Canadian UU Women’s Association Chapter Gillian Burton, Gerta Moray
Reconciliation Working Group Gilbert Salgado  
Green Sanctuary Team Cathy Brown  
Small Group Volunteer Leaders Member-led small group activities
Booktalk Wendy Ounpuu  
Bridge Club Peter Brydon  
Conversational French Claude Marchand  
Issues and Ideas Gerta Moray  
Jewish Awareness Group Merrilee Brand  
Meditation Group Moara Barrett  
Men’s Group Stan Yack  
Our Pagan Grove Kate Chung  
Prime Timers Gilbert Salgado, Iris Kairow Murray
Yoga Johanna Lanfranco, Hanna Heger