Lay Chaplain Sunday

Date: Sunday, October 20, 2019 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Please find the Order of Service for this service here, the Announcements here and the Litany For Affirmation here.


First Unitarian, like many Canadian UU congregations, has long offered the services of Lay Chaplains to the wider community. This form of outreach gives us wonderful opportunities to demonstrate our open faith by supporting people who wish to mark meaningful moments in their lives with ceremony and ritual but do not have a faith home of their own, or find the ceremony of their choice would not be accepted there.


People have come together from the most ancient times to celebrate new life, formalize bonds of love, and bid farewell to the dead using ritual and ceremony. Our Lay Chaplains enter into these intimate moments with care, to provide a listening ear, a calm presence, and a sacred celebration tailored to the beliefs and needs of the gathered company.


This Sunday we will express our thanks to Jan Crowley as a retiring Lay Chaplain and join in a recommittal of Karen Dunk-Green and Sue Meggs as they continue their service in this role. Sue and Karen will share with us some of the scenes they have witnessed and the roles they have played from the Lay Chaplain's unique position in "front row seats at the theatre of love and death." As well, we'll enjoy the beautiful and inspiring music of our resident musicians, and strengthen the bonds of community that can help sustain each one of us through all the passages of life.


Sermon by Chaplains Karen Dunk-Green and Sue Meggs.

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