Belonging: The Building Blocks of Community

Date: Sunday, September 15, 2019 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

This week, we begin a four-week series of the meaning of community. In a time when people report increasing levels of isolation and loneliness, and in a time when we need one another more than ever to meet the challenges we face, Lynn and I felt it worthwhile to spend some time exploring the fundamental principles of being a religious community--from the benefits and joys, to the requirements and logistics, to the disappointments and frustrations. On Sunday, I'll invite us to consider the basic building blocks of being together in an intentional community.

As we begin new program year in the congregation, I encourage you to connect with a Journey Group this year as a way to go deeper. The format this year will build on the tradition of careful listening by inviting more fulsome discussion on the month's theme. These small groups begin in mid-October and run through the end of May. You may register here.

As I mentioned last Sunday, there are two ways to get involved in some of our congregation's social justice work:

  • Volunteer to support a refugee family from Syria. Another family will be arriving in the coming months and we need people from the congregation to help them transition to life in Canada in a number of ways. To learn more, please attend the information session at 12:15pm in the Board Room this Sunday.
  • Prepare for the General Strike for Climate Justice on September 27th (and kicking off on September 20th) by making your sign for the demonstration at Queen's Park. Our Green Team is providing all the needed supplies. Visit their table in Workman Hall this week or next to participate.
  • See you on Sunday.

    In faith and love,

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