Change Is Gonna Come

Date: Sunday, February 03, 2019 10:30 am - 11:30 am

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison.

Back in the Sixties, Sam Cooke wrote a song of longing and hope that became a soul classic—and that still rings true today, as we seek a turning of the world toward justice.

We’ll hear that song on Sunday, as we reflect on our response to changes taking place in the world. These days, our longing for positive change may be more powerful than ever—and many of us may be experiencing heightened anxiety or fears about the future.

Some of the changes taking place today are the ones we long for, while others are those we fear.

We’ll hear wisdom from teachers who offer their reflections on changes both challenging and transformative, and who suggest ways we can respond, to bring about the changes we most deeply seek. There will be music, poetry and time for reflection.

This is the fourth Sunday in our series on “Change”—and as we’ve reflected each week, change is a continual, ever-present part of life. Change is indeed going to come, and it’s taking place always. I’m grateful to be in this river of change with each of you.

See you on Sunday,
Rev. Lynn

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