Greeting From The Reverend Shawn Newton

Hello, and welcome to Toronto First Unitarian — a congregation of open hearts and minds in the city of Toronto since shawn21845. By our Sunday morning worship and our actions throughout the week, we strive to proclaim a faith that celebrates the great gift of life. In this, we are guided by love, and reason, and tolerance.

Though we are a congregation diverse in many ways, we affirm that the bonds of our community are stronger than our differences. Indeed, as Unitarians, we believe we are ultimately made stronger by our differences—for by honouring the range of views and experiences found among us, we can find both encouragement and challenge to live lives of deeper integrity, meaning, and purpose.

Each week, during our service, we acknowledge that we arrive at First Unitarian by many paths to build up a community of love, and commitment, and hope. We invite you to join us, whatever your path and wherever you find yourself on life’s journey. May you find with us a home that nourishes your spirit, engages your mind, and inspires you to engage the world with an open heart and a helping hand.

In faith,

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