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Testimony of Richard, June 16, 2019

When did you know?

When did you first know she was right for you?  Was it when you first met her?  Was it when she smiled that special smile?  Was it when she winked and gave you her best come-hither look?  Was it when she kissed you for the first time?  Was it when you went on your first long walk together?

For me, it was when she gave me a warm embrace and said welcome – you’re home.  Relax.  Take your shoes off.  Let your hair down.  (I had some then, and long too.)

This story could be about Margaret…but it’s not!

– – – – –

It was just an average day in August 1972.  I had just stepped off the ferry in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia.  A place I had never been.  Truth be told, I had never been within 1,400 kilometers of Yarmouth.  I just knew I was home – in my bones – and in my heart.

See, I had just returned to Canada with my first wife from a visit with her mother in Augusta, Maine.  For those of you who are not old enough to remember, 1972 was the era of the Viet Nam war, with life in the U.S. much as depicted in Easy Rider.  A classic movie about 2 men’s search for America.  (I looked more like Dennis Hopper than Peter Fonda.)

It wasn’t easy being a long hair in the U.S. back then, especially in rural areas, which I passed through frequently.  And which all of Maine is.  Every time I went rural, I felt the cross hairs of people’s contemptuous eyes on my liberal heart.  I never felt comfortable.  Like those of you of a certain age and certain politics, the vision of what happened to Peter and Dennis in that movie is permanently planted in my brain.  For the rest of you, just let me say KA-BOOM, KA-BOOM!

– – – – –

Who was this mysterious lady?  She was big and wide, and had an inclusive, loving heart.  She embraced all who came to her.

No, it really wasn’t Margaret.  (I would never, ever say some of those words about her.  And besides, they wouldn’t be true.  Although some are.)  Most of you know her by her proper name – Canada.

– – – – –

So why am I telling you this story today?  See, today is exactly 50 years to the day, that I immigrated to Canada from the US.  Here I found the country where my heart is.  A country filled with people who share and live my values.  This is my community and you are an important part of it.  And I, I hope, of yours.  I am so grateful for the riches and peace this has country brought me.

– – – – –

Fast-forward to May 25, 2017.  Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Office of the U.S. Consul General.  There and then, I said good-bye to my mistress of 40 years.  Closed the backdoor.  I renounced my US citizenship.  And declared my complete allegiance to my true love, Canada.  Renouncing the citizenship of the country of my birth was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  But being 100% committed to Canada is worth it.