The Hardest-Won Hope

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton. Last weekend, Bob and I joined First Unitarian’s Jewish Awareness Group for their annual Passover Seder. As has been the case for most holidays and […]

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For the Time Being

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton. In the wee hours of this coming Sunday, our clocks will spring forward an hour. If you’re like me, what used to be a biannual […]

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Force Majeure

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton. We find ourselves living in a tentative time. As we await the distribution of vaccines and guard against the emerging virus variants, we are hopefully […]

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All Kinds of Love

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton. Though Valentine’s is often thought of as a day to celebrate romantic love, our congregation has happily turned it into a day to celebrate all […]

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