Previously knows as the "Green Team", our Green Sanctuary Group is an umbrella under which many environmental projects and actions are developed.

Working collaboratively with congregational members, it provides guidance and implements programs to help the congregation adopt environmentally responsible practices.

Our mandate also includes helping the congregation conserve energy and recycle, to include environmental themes in Worship and religious education, to work in the community for environmental justice, and to engage the church in projects for sustainable living.

All members and friends of the congregation are welcome to join the Green Sanctuary Group.

Green Sanctuary Program

The “Green Sanctuary” program goes well beyond mere ecological environmental issues. It goes to the core of our Principles. It could even be seen as the Manual for the Implementation of First’s “Vision and Property” declaration passed in 2008. It includes social actions in the widest sense. It encompasses all aspects of our religious life. Our congregation was awarded Green Sanctuary Status in August, 2011, and plans to continue many activities that promote protecting and emphasizing a green environment within and around the church, saving energy and connecting with the larger community in promoting environmental causes. We see the status as a principle that all congregants are involved in honouring in many aspects of their lives, no matter what age.

In fulfilment of its mandate to “provide guidance and execute actions that help the congregation and its members adopt environmentally responsible practices” and to “help initiate and coordinate these environmental practices”, the Green Sanctuary Group has prepared a Green Sanctuary Checklist.

The UUA website has more information on their Green Sanctuary program, including a downloadable 40+ page Green Sanctuary Manual.

Green Self-Audit

Find out how your home scores using the Green Self-Audit.

Green Tips

  • Are you thinking of planting a tree? LEAF (Local Enhancement & Appreciation of Forests) can help you plant a tree in your backyard. The City of Toronto will plant a tree in your front yard.
  • Are you thinking of installing a solar system for electricity or hot water? There are community programs that can help. Check out Our Power.
  • Are you in the market for a new refrigerator, washing machine, computer, windows etc. Check out the list of Energy Star qualified products.

Pulse Recipes

Members of the Green Sanctuary Group have provided recipes using pulses for Appetizers, Entrees, Soups and Sweets. Find out more about pulses.

For more information, please contact the Green Sanctuary Group by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..