Home, at last

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

Toronto waterfront through globe For the month of October, we take up the theme of “Home.” As Lynn and I conferred over the summer about the themes for worship and Journey Groups this year, “Home” was an obvious choice, given how much time so many of us have spent in our homes over these past six months. As we head into the autumn and into a second wave of the pandemic, with the prospect of even more time spent at home—at least for those of us privileged by circumstance to do so—it is worth examining our relationship not only with the physical space where we spend much of our time, but also with the deeper concept of connection to a sense of place where we are grounded and whole. In my sermon this week, I’ll be inviting us to consider where we find “the home of our soul,” to quote a favourite hymn.

Be gentle with yourselves in these trying times. And be gentle with each other, for, as the Buddha reminded us, everyone is facing a great struggle.

In faith and love,

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