The Fruits of our Labour

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison.

Mouse in flower Usually, we know what to expect from the Labour Day weekend. Familiar back-to-school preparations, the final days of the CNE, the crisp sense of anticipation that often accompanies the fall season. But this year, nothing may be matching our expectations!

One myth about work, or labour and effort of any kind, is that it will yield particular results—but life often proves otherwise, despite our good intentions. How do we respond, when the fruits of our labours are not the ones we hoped for or expected? What harvests can we reap when we learn to be open to the unexpected in new ways?

As difficult as they may be, seasons that do not meet our expectations (in any number of ways) have much to teach us, helping us grow into people of greater kindness and resilience.

Join us as we welcome this new season with poetry, music and insight.

Love and blessings,

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