Wide Awake

Sermon by Rev Lynn Harrison.

Streaked sky behind tree

Sunday morning at First offers us many joyful ways to wake up, in this bright new season!

Rev. Shawn Newton is back from his sabbatical and will lead the dedication of Fiona Margaret Horrocks, baby daughter of Nicole Johnson and Garrett Horrocks. Stan Yack will offer a powerful personal testimony on his family’s connection to the Christie Pits riot of 1933. Gaby Byrnes, Danny Fong and Sumi Kim will offer inspirational music, and once again we’ll join in community both online and in-person.

In my message, I’ll reflect on what it means to be “awake” in the world today. In our culture, sometimes we might think it means being completely plugged in to everything, all the time. Yet awakening in a spiritual sense often means going in the opposite direction: toward mystery, unknowing, and stillness.

This special season of holy days for Christians, Jews and Muslims offers us an invitation to awaken in new ways, in the love and warmth of community. I look forward to being with you!


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Testimony of Stan Yack: Read, Watch