Dreaming and Awakening

Sermon by Jeanne Van Bronkhorst and Rev. Lynn Harrison.


On Sunday, April 3rd, we return to combined in-person and online “hybrid” worship, offering more than one option to gather together as a community of faith and love. We welcome you, whether you choose to join us, masked, in the sanctuary at 175 St. Clair Avenue West, or online at home via Zoom.

Our discussion theme this month is “awakening,” and we begin by exploring an aspect of human life that is deeply connected to both meaning and mystery.

For thousands of years, and in many cultures, the dreams that arise during sleep have been seen as sources of wisdom for human beings. Yet our own culture has often dismissed dreams as mere curiosities, not to be taken too seriously. On Sunday, we take a closer look at how dreaming can be part of what our 4th Principle describes as the “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.”

In addition to being a longtime member of First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto, Jeanne Van Bronkhorst is a respected author on dreams and end-of-life care. She’ll offer insights on dreams from her personal and professional experience, and I’ll bring in additional Unitarian Universalist perspectives, as we awaken to the possibiities that dreams offer us now.

As we light our chalice in person once again, Worship Leader Leslie Solomonian will bring us a very special gift that honours the beeswax candles we use each week. Resident Musician Gaby Byrnes will bring a song to inspire us, Kelly Ferguson will provide a testimony in support of current Team Generosity campaign, and guest pianist Michel Ross will be with us too.

I hope you can join us on Sunday, either in-person or online, as we awaken together to the deep meaning that is present in all aspects of our lives.


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