The Wisdom in Our Stories

Sermon by Nicole McKay.

Stories from a book

Everybody has a story. As a UU seminarian, one of the requirements is to complete a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education. I completed my unit in a hospital where every day I was honoured to be invited to listen to the stories of people’s lives. My role was to listen closely for the places where in the re-telling of the story there was room to ask some wondering questions. In that holy place, new possibilities emerged.

As fellow humans on the journey, these are the gifts we offer one another: the sharing of our own stories, receiving the stories of others, and creating space for curiosity from what we have heard. This is one way we minister to one another.

This Sunday, I invite you to reflect on the ways in which you tell your own story, the themes you use to link parts of your life together, and what possibilities may open themselves to you when given the opportunity to tell it in a new way.

In gratitude and love,


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