The Very Long Arc

Sermon by Shawn Newton.

Double rainbow spanning farms and a distant city

This Sunday, we’ll take up November’s theme of Racial Justice & Reconciliation. My sermon, “The Very Long Arc,” will invite us all to consider what unites us as we deepen our commitments to increasing the sum total of love and justice in our world. Our resident musicians will share their rendition of MaMuse’s powerful “We Shall Be Known.”

After 608 days we will begin to offer the option for those who feel comfortable doing so (and who are fully vaccinated) of gathering in our sanctuary at 175 St. Clair Avenue West for our morning service. This is a moment that’s been a very long time in coming. And, like so much else that we’re navigating these days, it’s complicated. We’ve been told by health professionals for some time now that there wouldn’t be a clear-cut end to the pandemic—a day when we could, at long last, declare victory and return to our pre-pandemic ways of being (even if we wanted to). Instead, what we have is a strange mix of complicating factors we must balance with our own levels of comfort.

This means that for us, as a congregation, some among us are excited to get back to in-person activities, while others are not there yet for a wide variety of compelling reasons, ranging from personal health vulnerabilities to a need to wait until everyone at home can be fully vaccinated. That is why we are committed to begin offering Sunday services that are accessible both online and in person. While this is a bit tricky on the technical end, with the amazing work of our A/V Engineer Matt Rideout, we are ready. That said, this will be a work in progress for some time, as we fine-tune our understanding of what works well and what doesn’t in this multi-platform approach to gathering. We appreciate your patience and generosity of spirit as we find our way in this process.

A reminder: If you have a significant Joy or Sorrow you would like to have lifted up in an upcoming service, please see the item below that explains the process and deadline for submissions.

Whether you join us online or in person on Sunday, I am very much looking forward to being together on Sunday.

In faith and love,

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