The Gifts of Impermanence

Sermon by Lynn Harrison.

Pansy burst from the asphalt

When we reflect on how many things are impermanent in our lives, we soon realize that everything is ever-changing and fleeting. At times, this can be cause for dismay…but when we listen to voices of wisdom teachers old and new, we can come to see impermanence in a kinder light. In time, we may even come to see impermanence itself as a gift.

On Sunday, Rev. Lynn will reflect on the theme of impermanence in sermon and song. Catherine Lake will serve as worship leader, and the First Unitarian Choir will sing Stanford’s beautiful “Beati Quorum Via.” Richard Kirsh and Robbie Brydon will offer inspiring messages as First Unitarian continues to evolve in new and exciting ways. The service will take place in person at Oakwood Collegiate Institute and simultaneously online on Zoom and YouTube.

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