The Elephants in the Zoom

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison.

ElephantsIn recent days, our world continues to be changed in profound and dramatic ways, as millions mobilize against systemic racism while simultaneously continuing to alter our lives in response to COVID-19. This is a time of extraordinary upheaval—and it’s not getting easier. Yet, we continue to come together in the new and still-unfamiliar ways we can. To listen, to learn, and hopefully to grow.

This Sunday, my sermon title (written a few weeks ago) is “The Elephant in the Zoom.” You might rightly ask: “Which one?” In fact, there are many “elephants,” all bunching up together on our Zoom screens and beyond. Differences not named, privilege not acknowledged, borders between us that may loom larger than ever. There are challenges in our midst that seem too complex to fathom.

Inspired by powerful words and music that urge us forward toward deeper anti-racism work, on Sunday we’ll strive together for understanding, so that we may more clearly discern our role in the healing of our fractured world.

Love and blessings,

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