The Art of Possibility

Sermon by Shawn Newton.

Open Book In this time when so many aspects of our daily lives have been curtailed by the pandemic, it’s helpful, I think, to consider our options, to learn to look for the possibilities that may not be immediately obvious to us. It’s long been recognized that constraints can be a helpful tool to get the creative juices flowing; it’s why people doing improv are often given a scenario from which to spark their imagination. As we bring our month’s theme of “Purpose” to a close, the service on Sunday will be an invitation to consider how we might uncover new possibilities—and even renewed purpose—to carry us through the challenging times we’re in.

I invite your thoughts and prayers for Rev. Lori Kyle (ordained by our congregation five years ago) and the First Unitarian Church of Louisville, where she serves, as they together minister to their city amid the continuing calls for justice in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. For the past two nights, their church building, which is situated downtown, has provided sanctuary for protestors. Tensions escalated last night when police threatened to arrest the scores of protesters inside if they left the building. Fortunately, Lori was able to help diffuse the situation, and protesters dispersed without incident. Many of our sibling congregations in the U.S., especially those located in the heart of their cities and proximate to protests for racial justice, are finding powerful ways to bear witness and provide practical support to these movements calling for change. May we hold them in our hearts during these difficult days.

In faith and love,

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