Springing for It

Sermon by Lynn Harrison.

flowers and a tree against water and distant hills

We celebrate the arrival of Spring on Sunday, March 20th, at the time of the vernal equinox and with millions of people around the world celebrating the new year’s festival of Nawruz.

The arrival of Spring is a physical reminder of the abundance and beauty of life, which can be obscured at times of suffering and global conflict. Yet the season of Spring still surprises us, with green shoots arising out of bare earth and the sound of birds bringing us back to life. These gifts, and so many more, contribute to our sense of life’s inherent worth and support our ongoing reflection on themes of worth, value and money this month.

On Sunday, we’ll hear an inspiring reading from Robin Wall Kimmerer shared by Worship Leader Leslie Solomonian, enjoy Danny Fong’s musical gifts in two songs, delight in an inspiring story for all ages offered by Angela Klassen and be inspired in our generosity by Jane Larimer’s testimony.

It’s a service that will tap into the well-spring of love, creativity and generosity that flows through our community and our world, even in times of challenge. I hope you’ll join us.


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