Building Community with Oakwood-Vaughan

Guest speaker Bill Worrell.

Oakwood-Vaughan community Organization

Come Meet the Neighbours!

This month’s theme of Transformation feels very familiar to us here at First Unitarian. Busting out from the tight boundaries at 175, what does our transformation to 473 Oakwood look like? What do we need to know to prepare us to be good neighbours? While the Real Estate Task Force has been overseeing renovations, your Building Connections with Oakwood Vaughan Committee have been exploring ways to connect with the local community.

We set out to meet and listen to community groups and leaders, slowly building engagement within the vibrant and dynamic community. And what an inspiring place of activism, shops, culture, and art! Oakwood Village is at the crossroads of both cultural heritage and social innovation.

Join us this Sunday when we meet Bill Worrell, the Chair of the Oakwood Vaughan Community Organization. OVCO is a “network of local residents who organize and advocate for social justice in the Oakwood-Vaughan area.” A longtime resident, activist, father and community leader, Bill will share his vision for transforming a world of neighbourhoods through action and joy.

This service was live at Oakwood Collegiate Institute.