The Art of Hospitality

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.


This summer has really flown by, hasn’t it? At least that’s seemed to be the case for me and many others who have been surprised to find that it’s already the end of August! I hope, even amid the complications of this summer, that you’ve been renewed by the warmth and length of these summer days.

On Sunday, our service will focus on the art of hospitality—as a spiritual practice for us as individuals and as a community.

At the end of the service, in place of our regular breakout room discussions, we will have a brief meeting to share two very important updates:

The first is about the decision by our leadership to postpone offering in-person Sunday services until mid-autumn. With the building fourth wave of the pandemic, our board and staff have affirmed the guidance of our Congregational Safety Advisory Council to hold off meeting in person until the situation in Toronto improves. There is a great deal more information available in the FAQs.

The second is to share news of a possible new home for First. The Real Estate Task Force has been active over the summer and is now engaged in due diligence for a building that holds great potential for us.

As we prepare to begin a new year in the life of our congregation, it is wonderful time to join a Journey Group for the coming year. To sign up, fill out the registration form by the end of September.

May you savour these dog days of summer!

In faith and love,

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