Practicing Spirituality Together

Sermon by Nicole McKay.

Multi Faith Symbols

I grew up in the Christian faith and now have completed my studies in a Christian seminary. As a result, the Christian liturgical calendar is one which remains in my awareness and is part of what punctuates my year. I am also blessed with friends and colleagues of many faiths whose celebrations have helped me know more about the rich tapestry of ways we connect to the sacred and rhythms that differ from the one I learned as a child.

This week, our Christian and Muslim siblings of faith are engaged in special times in their own religious calendars: for Western Christians, it is the beginning of Holy Week with Palm Sunday and Muslims have begun the Holy month of Ramadan. Around the world, our religious traditions can help set rhythms of the year and provide opportunities for the wider community to come together in spirit, and at times in person, to practice their faith. These are times which are set aside every year for the ongoing work of spiritual growth through personal reflection and commitment.

Our faith brings us together in ways that are unique from one congregation to the next. We don’t have the same sense of a calendar that we share the world over and so we find other ways to share special moments in time with our fellow Unitarian Universalists. This Sunday, let us explore what connects us as we practice our spiritualities together. May we awaken (again) to our commitment to one another in the pursuit of spiritual growth.

In gratitude and faith,

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