Our Real Work

Sermon by Shawn Newton.

Peasants harvesting crops, by Pieter Bruegel

It’s a common question to be asked by someone we don’t know well: “What do you do for work?” In recent years, there’s been a widening appreciation that this isn’t necessarily the best way to kick off a conversation, or, for that matter, a relationship. The more interesting question may be what someone considers to be their “real work” in the world—what nourishes them, what helps them to feel connected to the world around them, what makes them come alive. A person’s answer may have something to do with their employment status, but it may have nothing to do with it at all.

As we take up September’s theme of Calling, Rev. Shawn will turn to this question about our real work in his sermon. Our choir will be singing “Coming Together” by Jason Robert Brown. And Angela Klassen will share a wonderful story for this week’s Time for All Ages.

Starting today, we will meet online and in-person for a service at Oakwood Collegiate Institute, 991 St Clair Ave W.