Mothering the World

Sermon by Rev. Lynn Harrison.

Mother In Different Languages The annual Mother’s Day holiday takes place at a time of year when the earth itself is giving birth to new life. This year, some of us may be watching the blooming of trees and flowers from a distance, or on solitary walks without the company of many others. Some may be separated from their mothers, or children, because of social distancing or for other reasons. As well, for many people, Mother’s Day (like other holidays) can be a complicated time that falls short of greeting card rosiness.

Yet even in times of unexpected challenge or solitude, we can nurture the world and our own spirits in life-giving ways. Through acts of loving attention, we can bring forth new life in ways that contribute to the well-being of the whole. We can, each in our own way, provide “mothering” to the world—embracing life as it is, and offering our love to it, in so many personal and creative ways.

Join us on Sunday as we celebrate the many ways that life is loved into being—in times of joy but also times of sorrow. Our service on Sunday will include beloved words from Mary Oliver, along with new poetry she inspired, and music and reflection to sustain and support you.

Along with all others, we are co-creating the world today, bringing forth new relationship through our families, our friendships, and our caring connection with ourselves. We’re so glad you’re with us on this journey.

Rev. Lynn

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