Love Calls Us On

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

175 St Clair West

The time has finally come to say our goodbyes to our long-time home at 175 St. Clair. There is, of course, no one way to do this. And even feeling a need to do so will vary across the congregation. Still, this is a time to pause and give thanks for all that has been our shared life in this particular place. And, just as importantly, to open our hearts and minds to the exciting chapters still to come.

A reminder that we will hold three Open Houses this weekend (Friday, 5pm to 8pm; Saturday, noon to 3pm; Sunday, noon to 3pm—including a hymn-sing with the choir at noon and Adam playing piano until 3pm). If you do stop by, you may spend time in the sanctuary and light a candle in the chalice. And you should feel free to revisit other parts of the building that may hold meaning for you. I did this myself a few days ago when I found myself, unexpectedly, alone in the building. It was poignant in many ways to take time to honour the many memories held within our walls. I highly recommend it.

On Sunday morning, we will gather for our final service at 175. Enhanced by the return of our choir and resident musicians, it will be a special day. In my sermon I will talk about the ancient tradition of deconsecrating a sanctuary or sacred circle, and what that that practice means to us. We’ll end the service, led by the choir, in what I expect to be a rousing (if masked) and heart-felt rendition of “Love Calls Us On.” For surely it does.

In faith,

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