Free and Responsible

Sermon by Rev. Ben Robins.

Free and Responsible Search for Truth and Meaning

We are a liberal religion. Freedom is at our core. We strive to think freely (as much as we are able, given the nature of the human mind), and we strive to love freely (again, sometimes challenging, given our make-up). But we do not believe in an unrestrained freedom. Rather, we strive to participate in a free and responsible search for truth and meaning. This Sunday, we explore the question, what do we do with our freedom, so that it might be done responsibly?

In November, as Canadian UUs, we are voting on an 8th principle that has the word ‘accountably’ in it. How can we be both free and accountable? It’s a challenge, and I believe that we are up for it.

I welcome your preliminary thoughts on our topic. I’m at

Again this Sunday we give a hearty welcome to the UU congregation from Hamilton. May we be enriched by coming together.


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