For the Time Being

Sermon by Rev. Shawn Newton.

Dali: Persistence of Memory In the wee hours of this coming Sunday, our clocks will spring forward an hour. If you’re like me, what used to be a biannual ritual of physically resetting the various timekeepers in my life has become largely automated, with many of my clocks looking after themselves. The exceptions for me are the clock in the living room, the one on the stove (we’ve long given up trying to set the clock on the microwave), and my wristwatch. Looking ahead to this upcoming rite that marks the passage of the season prompted me to wonder just where my wristwatch is these days. You see, I haven’t worn it in the past year. In lockdown at home for much of the last twelve months, there hasn’t been a need, given that I’m never far away from a clock. Yet, never in my life has my sense of time been so warped. I suspect this has been the case for many if not all of us.

On Sunday, in my sermon, I’ll take up the topic of time. Catherine Lake will share a wonderful reflection that is, itself, a poignant sermon. And Danny Fong and Adam Sakiyama will share special music.

May you savour these warming days.

In faith and love,

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Catherine Lake’s Testimony
Danny Fong singing All Will Be Well