Finding Presence

Sermon by Rev. Dr. Stephen Atkinson.

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On this final Sunday of the year, Rev. Stephen Atkinson will be returning to our virtual pulpit.

Stephen says:
Why is Presence so difficult to land on and stay with? Or cultivate? My own spiritual practice is grounded in being present, and it’s one of my hardest tasks each day. Let’s consider why, because I’m sure it’s not just me. And let’s consider the value of working on it.

Stephen received his Master of Divinity degree from the Unitarian Universalist Meadville Lombard Theological School, in Chicago, in 2007. He served the North Shore Unitarian Church in West Vancouver as minister until June 2015. Wanting to move east and closer to home, he came to Hamilton to learn and practice hospital chaplaincy at St. Joseph’s Healthcare until the fall of 2017. Now retired, Stephen is glad to be with First Unitarian again, after serving as our Summer Minister last July.

In faith and love,

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