A Beautiful Day in the Neighbourhood

Sermon by Shawn Newton.

Fred Rogers

Where did it all begin for you? From what point—what place or moment in time—did you set out on your spiritual path? Was it as a child in your grandmother’s synagogue? Or at camp as a teen when you first paid attention to the misty beauty of a lake at dawn? Or did it begin to unfold as an adult, when your dreams or best-laid plans started to unravel? Wherever it began for you, draw the map that led you from that place to today. This is the start of your spiritual autobiography.

In this Sunday’s service, we’ll take up the meaning of religious exploration across our lives. Angela Klassen, First’s Director of Lifespan Religious Education, will offer a reflection on the evolving models of spiritual exploration for children and children of all ages, especially as we adapt to the changes ushered in by the pandemic. Rev. Shawn’s sermon will continue the theme of lifelong spiritual exploration. And the choir will sing Brian Tate’s catchy “We Are One,” leaving us all with a wonderful earworm to carry us through the week.

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