Be Right Or Be In Relationship

Sermon by Sermon by Rev. Ben Robins, Summer Minister.

Arguing silhouettes

Each Sunday, we affirm that “the quest for truth is our sacrament.” We work hard to determine what is true, even when the truth hurts or requires us to change. We try to put aside our biases, and put aside political opportunism, to see the world as it is. During this pandemic, we have witnessed the stark difference between those who prioritize truth-telling and those who deny reality, even when lives are at stake. We unabashedly choose the risks and rewards of telling the truth.

But sometimes, the moment calls for something else. Perhaps you’ve had a moment in a relationship where discerning and proclaiming the truth – being right – wasn’t the top priority. Sometimes, with those dear to us, we choose relationship over being right. This Sunday, we explore how this wisdom could be used more broadly. Who needs us to show up with open hearts rather than discerning minds? And how can there be room for both? I welcome your first thoughts on this heartfelt and challenging topic. You can reach me at


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