“At Home in the Heart”

Guest Speaker, Nicole McKay.

Home in the Heart

“I’ll be happy when…”. You know the refrain. From this springs the abundance of marketing messages which urge and compel us to try this product and how it will surely lead to a better life. This has spilled over into other elements of our lives which makes happiness the goal of our lives. Happiness, when it does come, seems to be fleeting and it comes to us from external sources.

What if “happy” isn’t the goal? What if we turn our attention to another emotion that takes a more holistic approach to our lives? What if we explore contentment? That is just what researchers set out to do. We will explore some of their findings and what this means for us as Unitarian Universalists.

This week, we come together once again to explore how we make meaning of our lives and what is meaningful in our lives.

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