An Antidote to Perfectionism 

Sermon by Rev. Danielle Webber.

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Today in Westbank (Kelowna) BC, we have a high of 37 degrees, with a humidex of 42. And in heat like this, much like the heat dome that covered so much of this area last year, we start thinking about nature, and our interdependence with the world around us.

And this Sunday we will be exploring interdependence, but I want to look at it through the lens of perfectionism, and our human relationships. If we are able to lean into our interdependence with those around us, with the individuals that we are in relationship with, can we start to let go of the need for perfection? That need to be all things to all people, to constantly have everything under control, to be self-critical and to have an all-or-nothing approach to life. My hope is that as we begin to realize the resources all around us, in our relationships and in our communities, then we might be able to move away from the need to be perfect.

See you on Sunday!