Ukraine: Conflict and Courage

Homily by Catherine Kentridge.

Dove flying in front of the Ukrainian flag

This Sunday, we welcome to our virtual pulpit long-time member of First, Rev. Catherine-Sophia Kentridge, who was recently ordained in the One Spirit Interfaith tradition in the United Kingdom, where she now lives. Though she resides in the Lake District of England, Catherine has, with the help of Zoom, continued to actively participate in the life of our congregation through regular attendance at services and by occasionally sharing stories in worship.

This week’s service grows from an ongoing conversation Catherine and I have been having about the war in Ukraine and the changing nature of our response. On Sunday, Catherine will lift up many of the complexities of this conflict, while inviting us to consider the deeper meaning of peace. Catherine will be joined in offering this service by Worship Leader Catherine Lake and Michel Ross, our guest pianist.

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