Of Stardust and Small Things

Sermon by Lynn Harrison.

We are Stardust

No matter what the nature of the personal challenges we face, chances are they loom large for most of us, dominating our perspective and taking much of our energy. Yet in the universal scope of things, we are of course very small: something that was made clear to us this summer with the appearance of the first images from the James Webb Space Telescope.

As I return to the online pulpit at First this Sunday after a summer break that unfolded a bit differently than expected, I find myself contemplating the “bigs and littles” of life: the paradox of occupying such a tiny speck of time and space while being aware of the significant impact of my life choices. In the Interdependent Web we are both large and small, a reality that gives our lives meaning and mystery.

On Sunday I’ll be joined by Moara Barrett as Worship Leader; Dallas Bergen, our Director of Congregational Music and Congregational Connections; as well as Tahirih Vejdani and Adam Sakiyama with a very special song for us.

As we come together to worship online across distances large and small, your presence is deeply valued and appreciated. I look forward to being with you again this Sunday.


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