Limits of Reason

Sermon by Rev. Ben Robins.

Rodin: The Thinker

The ability to reason has given us such wonderful gifts as calculus, mRNA vaccines, and smart phones that allow us to stay in touch with loved ones hundreds and thousands of miles away. But reason has also given us such treacheries as calculus, bio weapons, and smart phones that beckon us like candy. We respect reason, not because it always leads to good things, but because it is a powerful tool for understanding and working in the world.

This Sunday, we get a better handle on reason. Why is it so often hard to reason well as individuals and as groups? How far can reason take us? What other tools are at hand, if we open our eyes to see?

I welcome your early perspective. I’m at

This Sunday, we welcome back Rev. Lynn Harrison. Lynn will be co-worship leading, as well as sharing her song, Why Do Trees Look Like My Hands. Welcome back, Lynn!

And this Sunday will be my last service with you this summer. It has been a blessing to be with you in these times, sharing joys, sorrows, and the search for a better world. Any reflections from you on this journey would be most welcome.


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Rev. Lynn Harrison singing Why Do Trees Look Like My Hands