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     Date  TitlePreacher/Participant(s)SermonVideoAudio
2021-10-17PossibilitarianismRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-10-10Saying GraceRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-10-03Practice and PossibilityRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-09-26Land AcknowledgementRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-09-19Putting Down RootsRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2021-09-12A Time of TransitionRev. Shawn Newton
2021-09-05How is it with Your Spirit?Nicole McKay
2021-08-29The Art of HospitalityRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-08-22Imagine That!Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-08-15Limits of ReasonRev. Ben RobinsReadWatch
2021-08-08Free and ResponsibleRev. Ben RobinsReadWatch
2021-08-01The Wisdom in Our StoriesNicole McKayReadWatch
2021-07-25Potluck EthicsRev. Ben RobinsReadWatch
2021-07-18Be Right Or Be In RelationshipRev. Ben RobinsReadWatch
2021-07-11The Well-Laid Plan of Eternal FlexibilityDallas BergenReadWatch
2021-07-042 Types of HumanismRev. Ben RobinsReadWatch
2021-06-27The Speed of RelationshipRev. Ben RobinsReadWatch
2021-06-20No Time Like the PresentRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-06-13Time, the Great TeacherRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-06-06Flower CommunionRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-05-30Moments of TruthRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-05-23Honest to GodRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-05-16The Complexity of TruthRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-05-09True StoriesRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2021-05-02The Free and Responsible SearchRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-04-25Works in ProgressRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-04-18Earth Day UnlimitedRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-04-11Our Mission, Should We Choose to Accept ItRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2021-04-03The Hardest-Won HopeRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-03-28Be patient…Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-03-21The Road AheadRev. Eric PetersReadWatch
2021-03-14For the Time BeingRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-03-07Help Break the CyclePatti Pettigrew, Rev. Shawn Newton
2021-02-28Force MajeureRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2021-02-21Crossing BordersRev. Joe CherryReadWatch
2021-02-14All Kinds of LoveRev. Shawn NewtonRead PoemsWatch
2021-02-07Grace AmazingRev. Lynn Harrison, Moara Barrett, Gabrielle Byrnes, Juleth Dawson, Terri MarksWatch Testimonies
2021-01-31Body of LifeAngela Klassen, Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch Angela
Watch Rev. Lynn
2021-01-24Your Body is WelcomeRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-01-17Coming to Our SensesRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2021-01-10Lives LivedRev. Lynn Harrison, Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2021-01-03Fire CommunionRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2020-12-27Finding PresenceRev. Dr. Stephen AtkinsonWatch
2020-12-24Christmas EveRev. Lynn Harrison, Rev. Shawn Newton
2020-12-20Turning PointsRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-12-20VespersRev. Lynn Harrison
2020-12-16Blue ChristmasRev. Shawn Newton
2020-12-13A Light in the DarknessDallas BergenWatch
2020-12-06Still HereRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-11-29Dealing with DisappointmentRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-11-22DiscernmentRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-11-15BlursdayRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-11-08Take CourageShawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-11-08Reflection on PeacemakingRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-11-01We Contain MultitudesRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-10-25When ‘there is no there there’Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-10-18Extreme Home MakeoverRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-10-11Thanks Giving, Thanks ReceivingRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-10-04Home, at lastRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-09-27The Art of PossibilityRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-09-20For Work that Is RealRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-09-13Water CommunionRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-09-06The Fruits of our LabourRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-08-30Rules to Live ByRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-08-23Spiritual But Not ReligiousRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-08-16The Wisdom to Know the DifferenceRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-08-09The Art of LifeRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-08-02Turning PointsRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-07-26Fine, Not FineRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-07-19Grace Six WaysRev. Dr. Stephen AtkinsonWatch
2020-07-12Is Security Gone?
Did We Ever Have It?
Rev. Dr. Stephen AtkinsonWatch
2020-07-05When Things Fall ApartRev. Dr. Stephen AtkinsonWatch
2020-06-28Celebrating Our ‘Dodransbicentennial’Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-06-21Our Living TraditionRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-06-14Good Grief!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-06-07The Elephant(s) in the ZoomRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-05-31Worship ServiceRev. Debra FaulkWatch
2020-05-24Cabin FeverRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-05-10Mothering the WorldRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-05-03Heaven Knows Where We Are Going Rev. Shawn Newton, Rev. Lynn Harrison, Angela Klassen, Dallas BergenWatch
2020-04-26Getting Our Affairs in OrderRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-04-19An Earth Day Like No OtherRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-04-12Resurrections RevealedRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-04-05Lessons from Another PandemicRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-03-29On Peace and PowerlessnessRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-03-22The Myth of CertaintyRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2020-03-15Non-Anxious Presence in a PandemicRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2020-03-08Love in a Time of COVID-19Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2020-03-01Thunder Woman Healing LodgePatti Pettigrew, Board President, Thunder Woman Healing Lodge
2020-02-23The Call to Radical InclusionRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2020-02-16Broken and WholeRev. Christopher Wulff
2020-02-09All Kinds of LoveRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2020-02-02Those Cracks in EverythingRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2020-01-26Bewitched, Bothered, and BewilderedRev. Peter HughesReadWatch
2020-01-19My Year of Living SpirituallyAnne Bokma
2020-01-12Lives LivedRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn Harrison
2020-01-05Fire CommunionRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-12-29The Unbearable Art of Doing NothingRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-12-24Candlelight Christmas Eve ServiceRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn Harrison
2019-12-22Better to Light a CandleRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2019-12-15Bethlehem RevisitedRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-12-08Tis the Season of CompassionRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-12-01Bah Humbug!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-11-24Life Beyond BinariesRev. Shawn Newton
2019-11-17Enough AlreadyRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-11-10Enough Is EnoughRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-11-03Enough StuffRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-10-27A Good Enough LifeRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2019-10-20Scenes from the Theatre of Love and DeathLay Chaplains Karen Dunk-Green and Sue Meggs
2019-10-13Thanksgiving: BlessedRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-10-06The Ins And OutsRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-09-29Being Part of Something LargerRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2019-09-22Caring For Each OtherRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-09-15The Building Blocks of CommunityRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-09-08Water CommunionRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn Harrison
2019-09-01Challenge By ChoiceNicole McKayWatch
2019-08-25Return AgainRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-08-18Keeping the FaithRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2019-08-11Love Like a Fine EtherCurtis MurphyRead
2019-08-04The G-WordTerri PalmerRead
2019-07-28Time and SpaceCurtis MurphyRead
2019-07-21Fences and NeighboursCurtis MurphyReadWatch
2019-07-14Love in the Time of Climate CrisisReilly YeoWatch
2019-07-07Soil, Soul and SocietyCurtis MurphyReadWatch
2019-06-30Named and ClaimedCurtis MurphyReadWatch
2019-06-23Sacred PlacesCurtis Murphy, Summer MinisterReadWatch
2019-06-16Making It Up as We Go AlongRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-06-09Ahhhhh.....Rev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2019-06-02What We Wish People Knew about UsRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2019-05-26Let Us FlowerRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2019-05-19The Gift of ReconciliationRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2019-05-12The Snail EffectMaya Ferguson-KlinowskiRead
2019-05-05The Interdependent WebRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-04-28From the RootsRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-04-21All will come again into its strengthRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-04-14The Interconnected Web of Nature of which we are a PartRev. Wayne Walder
2019-04-07A New World Waiting To Be BornRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-03-31A Wing and a Prayer: Wow!Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-03-24Wing and a Prayer: SorryRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2019-03-17Wing and a Prayer: ThanksRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-03-10Wing and a Prayer: HelpRev. Stephen AtkinsonRead
2019-03-03Wing and a Prayer: HelloRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-02-24Women Working for ChangeRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2019-02-17What Is My Faith?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-02-10All Kinds of LoveRev. Shawn Newton
2019-02-03Change Is Gonna ComeRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-01-27Change: Looking Beyond the Great ChangeRev. Peter HughesReadWatch
2019-01-20Change: What, Me Change?Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2019-01-13Change: The World's Slowest Roller CoasterRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2019-01-06Lives LivedRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn HarrisonWatch
2018-12-30Fire Communion ServiceRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2018-12-24Chrismas Candlelight ServiceRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2018-12-23Still: Carry MeRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2018-12-16Still: Let the StillnessRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2018-12-09Still: Hold a StillnessRev. Shawn Newton and Tracey Erin SmithWatch
2018-12-02Still: Find a StillnessRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2018-11-25The Examined Life: How then shall I live?Rev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2018-11-18The Examined Life: What have I done?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2018-11-11The Examined Life: If Not Now, When?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2018-11-04The Examined Life: Why me?Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2018-10-28The Examined Life: Where did I come from?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2018-10-21The Examined Life: Where am I going?Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2018-10-14The Examined Life: Who am I?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2018-10-07Surprised by JoyRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2018-09-30Joyful is the DarkRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-09-23Joyful, JoyfulRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-09-16More Joy SomewhereRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2018-09-09Joy like a FountainRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2018-09-02Returning again to where we beganChris MooreWatchListen
2018-08-26RecalculatingRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2018-08-19EnoughnessRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2018-08-12Summertime BluesRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2018-08-05Birth and New BeginningsCurtis Murphy
2018-07-29To Seek the Spirit of a ChildCurtis MurphyReadWatchListen
2018-07-22In Between: Rites of PassageCurtis MurphyWatchListen
2018-07-15Wabi-SabiNicole McKayWatchListen
2018-07-08The Pains of GrowingDanielle WebberWatchListen
2018-07-01What Does it Mean to Be an Adult?Curtis MurphyReadWatchListen
2018-06-24Creating a Culture of ElderhoodCurtis MurphyListen
2018-06-17Break Not the Circle: Death, Ancestry, and the Wholeness of LifeCurtis Murphy, Summer MinisterWatchListen
2018-06-10The Rhythms of our LivesRev. Carly GaylorWatchListen
2018-06-03Here TogetherRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-05-27Let Me Flower, Help Me FlowerRev. Shawn NewtonWatchListen
2018-05-20Moving To(o) FastRev. Christopher WulffWatchListen
2018-05-13Body of KnowledgeRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-05-06Take Me OutRev. Shawn NewtonWatchListen
2018-04-29What Does It Mean to Be White?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2018-04-22Things Have ChangedRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-04-15Come Sleet, Snow or HailRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2018-04-08Question BoxRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn HarrisonWatch
2018-04-01I Feel So Much SpringRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2018-03-25Risking it AllRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-03-18Risk ToleranceRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2018-03-11Love and the World​'​s ReligionsBrian CarwanaWatchListen
2018-03-04At Risk - International Women's DayRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-02-25My Universalist CareerRev. Peter HughesWatchListen
2018-02-18Inter/DependRev. Dr. Stephen AtkinsonWatchListen
2018-02-11All Kinds of LoveRev. Lynn HarrisonWatchListen
2018-02-04The Complicated Webs that We WeaveRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2018-01-28The Burdens of FreedomRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2018-01-21Making a ProphetRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatchListen
2018-01-14New Horizons for NewcomersRev. Lori KyleWatchListen
2018-01-07Lives LivedRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2017-12-31Becoming BeaconsRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatch
2017-12-24Twas the Night before ChristmasRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2017-12-24Twas the Morning before ChristmasRev. Shawn NewtonWatch
2017-12-21Twinkle, TwinkleRev. Shawn Newton
2017-12-17Presence in the MysteryRev. Wayne WalderWatch
2017-12-10To Be HereRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2017-12-03Showing Up in the Hard, Hard TimesChristopher WulffWatch
2017-11-26What’s in a Name?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2017-11-19Where Are We Going?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2017-11-12Who Are We?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2017-11-05Who Am I?Rev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2017-10-29All Shall Be Well?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2017-10-22How to HealRev. Dr. Mark BelletiniListen
2017-10-15Healing and WholenessRev. Lynn HarrisonReadWatch
2017-10-08The Healing Grace of GratitudeRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2017-10-01Making It RightRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-09-24Keeping CovenantRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-09-17Promises, PromisesRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2017-09-10Water Is LifeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-09-03Unexpected GratitudeRev. Lori KyleReadListen
2017-08-27Ideologies of ChangeDanielle WebberListen
2017-08-20Unitarian Universalist IndividualismRev. Lynn HarrisonRead
2017-08-13S.O.S. (Source of Strength)Rev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2017-08-06What is Evil?Danielle WebberRead
2017-07-30Spiritual Practice in our Digital WorldNicole McKayReadListen
2017-07-23Horton's MottoChris MooreReadListen
2017-07-16Aboriginal SpiritualityDanielle WebberReadListen
2017-07-09What Makes an ElderDanielle WebberListen
2017-07-02Canada150?Danielle WebberReadListen
2017-06-25Kairos Blanket ExerciseDanielle Webber, Summer Minister
2017-06-18The Longest DaysRev. Lynn HarrisonListen
2017-06-11Leap Before You LookRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-06-04Looking to the FutureDanielle WebberReadListen
2017-05-28Sweet, Impossible BlossomRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2017-05-21Saving one another; the power of compassionate livingRev. Fulgence NdagijimanaListen
2017-05-14The Door of CompassionRev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2017-05-07Coming of AgeComing of Age Youth
2017-04-30Conscious CapitalismTerri MarksReadListen
2017-04-23For all that is our lifeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-04-16Turning toward the MorningRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-04-09Putting Up ResistanceRev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2017-04-02SatyagrahaRev. Shawn Newton
2017-03-26Not so SimpleRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2017-03-19Simplicity, Simplicity, SimplicityDanielle WebberListen
2017-03-12Simple ChurchRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2017-03-05A Celebration of International Women's DayCatherine LakeReadListen
2017-02-26Why Black Lives MatterAshah Philar and Rev. Shawn NewtonListen
2017-02-19Gilgamesh: A Drama of Life and DeathRev. Peter Hughes
2017-02-12All Kinds of LoveRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2017-02-05The History of a Nation, the Future of a CongregationDanielle WebberReadWatchListen
2017-01-29Ministers at The ImprovRev. Shawn Newton, Rev. Lynn Harrison, and Danielle WebberWatch
2017-01-22On OriginsRev. Shawn Newton
2017-01-15Pathways to CreationDanielle WebberReadListen
2017-01-08The Gift of CreativityRev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2017-01-01Fired UpRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2016-12-25Holiday PresenceRev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2016-12-24Great ExpectationsRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2016-12-21Solstice Vespers ServiceDanielle Webber
2016-12-18How the Unitarians Created ChristmasRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-12-11Expecting the UnexpectedRev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2016-12-04Looking at the OtherDouglas BuckReadListen
2016-11-27Letting Go, Opening UpDanielle WebberReadListen
2016-11-20Now I Become MyselfRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-11-13An Altered Universe?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-11-06Hold on to what is goodRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-10-30Everyday a BlessingDanielle WebberReadListen
2016-10-23To Bless the WorldRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2016-10-16The Blessing Beyond Our FearsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-10-09Count Your BlessingsRev. Shawn Newton and Rev. Lynn Harrison
2016-10-02Blessed BeingRev. Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2016-09-25Welcoming Deeper UnderstandingDanielle Webber, Intern MinisterReadListen
2016-09-18Radically Welcoming?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-09-11Come to the WaterRev. Shawn Newton
2016-09-04Stepping into our Second NatureMichael BattenbergReadListen
2016-08-28A Vision for this PlaceRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-08-21A Vision from Sea to SeaRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-08-14On the Road to Find OutStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-08-07Teaching Each Other How to Be HumanStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-07-31Alone TogetherStephanie GannonRead
2016-07-24Walking the Holy RoadChris MooreReadListen
2016-07-17Opening to GraceStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-07-10No Religion is an IslandStephanie Gannon
2016-07-03To Be LovedStephanie Gannon, Summer MinisterRead
2016-06-26Cultivating CharacterRev. Lori KyleRead
2016-06-19UnpluggedRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-06-12Welcome to the Play SpaceStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-06-05If I Can't Dance, It's Not My Revolution?Christopher WulffListen
2016-05-29Habits of the HeartRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-05-22A People So BoldStephanie GannonRead
2016-05-15Sunrise, SunsetRev. Shawn Newton
2016-05-08Dealing with Extreme CasesRev. Peter HughesListen
2016-05-01Technology and TraditionRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2016-04-24The Writing On the WallRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-04-17In Celebration of the EarthStephen ScharperListen
2016-04-10Multiple IntelligencesRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-04-03Stay Tuned!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-03-27Begin Again in LoveStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-03-20RenewedDallas Bergen, Director of Congregational MusicReadListen
2016-03-13The Waiting GameStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-03-06Spiritual Transformation and The Vagina MonologuesStephanie Gannon and Members of the Cast of The Vagina MonologuesReadListen
2016-02-28Rhythmic RevelationsMatt MeyerListen
2016-02-21Beginning Again in LoveStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-02-14All Kinds of LoveRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2016-02-07Making it RightRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2016-01-31Hello From the Other SideBen RobinsReadListen
2016-01-24The Lost Art of Getting LostStephanie GannonReadListen
2016-01-17How Can I Help?Rev. Shawn NewtonListen
2016-01-10Keep Going!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2016-01-03Up in FlamesRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2015-12-27Self-fulfillingRodrigo Solano-QuesnelReadListen
2015-12-24ShineRev. Shawn Newton
2015-12-21Who's Afraid of the Dark?Stephanie GannonRead
2015-12-20Stars of Wonder, Stars of NightRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-12-13Living Spiritually on the EdgeStephanie GannonReadListen
2015-12-06Bewitched, Bothered, and BewilderedRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-11-29Wanting, Needing, WaitingBen RobinsReadListen
2015-11-22To What Are We Called?Stephanie GannonReadListen
2015-11-15Journey Toward WholenessRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-11-08One Life to LiveRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-11-01When the Saints Go Marching InRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-10-25Of Grace and GratitudeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-10-18Beyond Crime and PunishmentRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-10-11Not Bread AloneStephanie GannonReadListen
2015-10-04The Peace of Wild ThingsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-09-27The Promise of AutumnStephanie Gannon, Intern MinisterReadListen
2015-09-20The Promise of Peace - An Election SermonRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-09-13A Sacred TrustRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-09-06UntitledMichael BattenbergRead
2015-08-30Take Me to ChurchBen RobinsRead
2015-08-23Laughter of the HeartCurtis MurphyListen
2015-08-16On Civil DisobedienceCurtis MurphyListen
2015-08-09I Need, I Need, I Need, I Need, I NeedBen Robins, SeminarianReadListen
2015-08-02Liberal Religion?Curtis MurphyReadListen
2015-07-26It's the End of the World as we know itChristopher Wulff, SeminarianListen
2015-07-19No Regrets?Curtis MurphyListen
2015-07-12The Wonder of WaterCurtis MurphyListen
2015-07-05The Sacred Art of JaywalkingCurtis Murphy, Summer MinisterListen
2015-06-28The Great WorkChris MooreReadListen
2015-06-21Celebrating National Aboriginal DayRev. Lori KyleRead
2015-06-14The Church of our ImaginationCurtis MurphyReadListen
2015-06-07Imagineers of the SoulRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-05-31How to tell the story of our faithRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-05-24A Story Every OneRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2015-05-17The Art of the StoryRev. Shawn Newton and Diane BosmanListen
2015-05-10Nature, Nurture and NarrativeCurtis MurphyListen
2015-05-03This Is My StoryDallas Bergen, Director of Congregational MusicReadListen
2015-04-26That Our Days May Be LongRev. Peter HughesReadListen
2015-04-19Enough is EnoughRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-04-12A Climate for ChangeGreen Sanctuary TeamListen
2015-04-05Why Certain Stories EndureRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2015-03-29The Costs of LiberationRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-03-22A Mosaic in the MakingRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-03-15JubileeCurtis MurphyReadListen
2015-03-08International Women’s Day: Our Shared LiberationRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-03-01Servetus on TrialRev. Peter Hughes and the Toronto First PlayersRead
2015-02-22No One Ever Mentions the LossRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-02-15Survival of the FittestRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-02-08Everybody ElseCurtis MurphyReadListen
2015-02-01Halfway ThereCurtis MurphyRead
2015-01-25Salvation by CharacterRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-01-18The Character of CovenantRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2015-01-11The Last Laugh - Curtis MurphyListen
2015-01-04A New Leaf - Rev. Shawn NewtonListen
2014-12-28TouchstonesCurtis MurphyReadListen
2014-12-24In the Flesh, Christmas EveRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2014-12-21The Staggering Grace of It AllRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-12-20Stars of Wonder, Stars of NightRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-12-14What does the hokey-pokey have to do with life?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-12-07Living JusticeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-11-30Engendering VulnerabilityCurtis MurphyListen
2014-11-23The Compelling Case for InterdependenceRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-11-16Vulnerability Is Our StrengthRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-11-09Anne Frank RememberedAnna SchaferRead
2014-11-09Anthem for Doomed YouthRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-11-02A Home for All SoulsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-10-26Finding Life in DeathRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-10-19After the WordsCurtis Murphy, Intern MinisterReadListen
2014-10-12Awakening to GratitudeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-10-05Awake, Arise!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-09-28All I Ask of YouCurtis MurphyReadListen
2014-09-21The Tangled Webs We're InRev. Shawn Newton and Dallas Bergen, Director of Congregational MusicReadListen
2014-09-14Families Biological, Logical, and OtherwiseRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2014-09-07We Are WaterRev. Shawn Newton
2014-08-31Dances with BeesMichael BattenbergReadListen
2014-08-24HomeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-08-17Stay TunedLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-08-10Ask For DirectionsLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-08-03Forgiveness vs. FairnessLori KyleListen
2014-07-27Small BlessingsLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-07-20Mood More than LogicRev. Fred CappuccinoListen
2014-07-13Grow with the FlowLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-07-06SummertimeLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-06-29Play It AgainLynn Harrison, Summer MinisterReadListen
2014-06-22Pride 3.0Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-06-15The Spiritual Practice of PlayRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-06-08Playing For KeepsLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-06-01Are We Having Fun Yet?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-05-25Flower Communion SundayRev. Shawn Newton and Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-05-18The Darker Side of NatureChris MooreListen
2014-05-11Such a Lonely WordRev. Shawn Newton and Lynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-05-04Living Out LoudRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-04-27Webs of WonderRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2014-04-20Wow!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-04-13The Endless Wonders of Human CommunityRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-04-06Curiouser and CuriouserLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-03-30Music SundayDallas Bergen, Director of Congregational MusicListen
2014-03-23Conversations with LifeLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-03-16Tempest in a Boston TeacupRev. Dr. Peter HughesReadListen
2014-03-09Getting to Know YouLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-03-02This I KnowRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-02-23Good for SomethingRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2014-02-16Heart of CompassionRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-02-09Passionate KissesLynn HarrisonReadListen
2014-02-02Heat of PassionRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-01-26Seek, Connect, ServeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-01-19Life, with and without a mapRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2014-01-12The Power of SongRev. Wendy Luella PerkinsReadListen
2014-01-05It Takes PracticeLynn HarrisonReadListen
2013-12-29Annual Fire Communiion Service: The Spiritual Value of Spark PlugsRev. Shawn Newton
2013-12-24Behold!Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2013-12-22String of LightsLynn HarrisonReadListen
2013-12-15Living with an Enlarged HeartRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-12-08Light My FireLynn HarrisonReadListen
2013-12-01Overcoming the Big DisconnectRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-11-24The Cost of CourageRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-11-17The Courage of Our ConvictionsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-11-10Who Would True Valour SeeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-11-03The Courage to BeRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2013-10-27The Love We Leave BehindRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-10-20To Lead Where No One Has Led BeforeBruce Knotts, Executive Director of the UU-UNO
2013-10-13ThankslivingLynn HarrisonReadListen
2013-10-06On PurposeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-09-29The Sound of ListeningLynn Harrison, Intern MinisterRead
2013-09-22Pews, Comfortable and OtherwiseRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-09-15Go Deep or Go HomeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-09-08Voice, Still and Small: Water CommunionRev. Shawn Newton
2013-09-01The Human TrampolineChristopher Wulff, Lay Chaplain and SeminarianReadListen
2013-08-25Dispatch from the Centre of the UniverseRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-08-18Leap of FaithRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-08-11Atheism’s Gift to BelieversChris MooreReadListen
2013-08-04Like a PrayerRodrigo Solano-QuesnelReadListen
2013-07-28Certificate of AwesomenessRodrigo Solano-QuesnelReadListen
2013-07-21Heart of the UniverseRodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2013-07-14Re-Membering and Re-StoringRev. Joan MontagnesListen
2013-07-07Call me PilgrimMichael BattenbergListen
2013-06-30Stride!Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelReadListen
2013-06-23Holy DaysRodrigo Solano-Quesnel, Summer MinisterReadListen
2013-06-16Making the Most of MinistryRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-06-09The Meaning of LifeRodrigo Solano-Quesnel,ReadListen
2013-06-02Where We StandRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2013-05-26Flower CommunionRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2013-05-19Theological GardeningLori KyleReadListen
2013-05-12Beyond Our Borders: BurundiRev. Fulgence Ndagijimana, Minister of the Unitarian Church in BurundiReadListen
2013-05-05Coming of Age SundayComing of Age Youth and Rev. Shawn Newton
2013-04-28The Glorious Music of Life!Dallas Bergen and the Music Ministry of First UnitarianReadListen
2013-04-21So, What Would You Preach? (Earth Day)Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-04-14Five Smooth StonesRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-04-07Three VowsRodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2013-03-31Tag You're It!Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2013-03-24The Changing Reputation of Human NatureRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2013-03-17Lots of LuckRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-03-10Not My TableRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-03-03BYID: Bring Your IdentityRodrigo Solano-QuesnelReadListen
2013-02-24Taking ResponsibilityRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-02-17RomanceRev. Peter HughesReadListen
2013-02-10A People So BoldRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2013-02-03Proud Sponsors of Elizabeth Taylor's 5th Wedding!Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelReadListen
2013-01-27The Spiritual Meaning of StuffRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2013-01-20Sacred ChangeRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2013-01-13Mental Health and the Way Things StandRev. Shawn Newton
2013-01-06Epiphany (A Dose of Reality)Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2012-12-30Phoenix PeopleRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-12-24On a Night Like ThisRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-12-23Card-carrying GiverRodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2012-12-16Hope Against HopeRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-12-09Bending Toward Justice?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-12-02In Praise of the OrdinaryRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-11-25Apocalypse Wow! (An Advent Story)Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2012-11-18Walking TogetherRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-11-11Remembrance SundayRev. Shawn Newton and Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2012-11-04Things Commonly Believed Among UsRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-10-28Good Grief!Rev. Shawn Newton and Rodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2012-10-21Turn the World AroundRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-10-14Gordon Lightfoot vs. Stompin’ TomRodrigo Solano-QuesnelRead
2012-10-07OtherwiseRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-09-30The Work of Our Hands and Our HeartsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-09-23Cult (and Other Four Letter Words)Rodrigo Solano-Quesnel, Intern MinisterReadListen
2012-09-16A Work in ProgressRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-09-09Drops in the BucketRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2012-09-02The Challenge of SecularismJanice TaitReadListen
2012-08-26Do the Right ThingRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-08-19The People On the BusRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-08-12Is Nothing SacredRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-08-05Standing in the LightFiona HeathListen
2012-07-29Empty the Way the Universe is EmptyFiona HeathReadListen
2012-07-22The Digital ReformationFiona HeathReadListen
2012-07-15Time Lords and LandlordsFiona HeathRead
2012-07-08Summertime and BeingFiona Heath, Summer MinisterRead
2012-07-01Pride in CanadaLori MonsonRead
2012-06-24How Warm The WelcomeDouglas BuckReadListen
2012-06-17A Few Worthy ThingsRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-06-10Future ImperfectFiona HeathReadListen
2012-06-03The State of ThingsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-05-27From Bud to BloomingRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2012-05-20The Soul on StageTracey Erin SmithReadListen
2012-05-13Calling It UnevenRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-05-06Moments of TruthsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-04-29Music SundayRev. Shawn Newton and Dallas Bergen, Director of Congregational Music
2012-04-22Common GroundFiona HeathReadListen
2012-04-15Wider Grows the VisionRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-04-08Coming Alive!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-04-01What Is Sacred?Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2012-03-25The Best Possible EndingRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-03-18A Vision for JusticeRev. Julie Stoneberg, President UU Ministers of CanadaRead
2012-03-11The Interdependent Web of All UnitariansEllen CampbellRead
2012-03-04Lighting the WayFiona HeathReadListen
2012-02-26Cup of StarsFiona HeathReadListen
2012-02-19Reclaiming The SpiritRev. Peter HughesReadListen
2012-02-12The Spiritual Practice of UnpluggingRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-02-05SatyagrahaRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2012-01-29SustenanceFiona HeathReadListen
2012-01-22The Good and Glorious MixRev. Shawn Newton
2012-01-15The Question BoxRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2012-01-08Community as a BridgeCarly GaylorListen
2012-01-01On Fire!Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-12-25Slouching Toward BethlehemFiona Heath
2011-12-24The Wonder of It All - Candlelight and choral musicRev. Shawn Newton
2011-12-18Turn the World AroundRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2011-12-10A Fair Country?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-12-04Waiting at the Gate for ElvisRev. Jessica Purple RodelaListen
2011-11-27Wearing the FaceFiona HeathReadListen
2011-11-20Our Great CovenantRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-11-13A Question of TrustRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-11-06Beyond BeliefRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-10-30The Time of Our Lives (All Souls Service)Rev. Shawn Newton and Wanda Morris (Dying with Dignity)Read
2011-10-23To Build a Better World (UN Sunday)Rev. Shawn Newton and Holly Sarkissian (UU-UNO Office)
2011-10-16People of the PlaceFiona HeathReadListen
2011-10-09A Mystic Sweet Communion (Thanksgiving Bread Communion)Rev. Shawn Newton
2011-10-02Wresting With Our Higher PowerRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2011-09-25Whose Are We?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-09-18Everybody's Got a StoryFiona Heath, Intern MinisterReadListen
2011-09-11Water CommunionRev. Shawn Newton and various musicians
2011-09-04The Inspiration of Rocket RobinLori MonsonReadListen
2011-08-28The Spiritual Practice of PlayRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-08-21The Blessings of ImperfectionRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-08-14The Demands of DignityRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-08-07Storytelling As TheologyCarly GaylorListen
2011-07-31Divine Love, Universal CompassionChris MooreReadListen
2011-07-24The Yooks and the ZooksCarly GaylorListen
2011-07-17Freedom is ComingCarly GaylorListen
2011-07-10Roots and WingsCarly Gaylor, Summer MinisterListen
2011-07-03WWMD - What Would Muhammad Do?Rev. Dick Weston-Jones, Visiting MinisterReadListen
2011-06-26To Fly or Not to Fly: Is That the Question?Judy VellendReadListen
2011-06-19The Love We Leave BehindRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-06-12The State of ThingsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-06-05HomeRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-05-22To Trust the Dawning Future MoreRev. Shawn NewtonReadWatchListen
2011-05-15Chautauqua DaysFiona HeathListen
2011-05-08Coming of Age SundayComing of Age Youth
2011-04-30How to Survive 50 Years of Marriage in Spite of Extreme ProvocationRev. Fred Cappuccino
2011-04-24A Broken HallelujahRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-04-17Our Six Sources: The Sacred CircleRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-04-10Our Six Sources: Human Mind, Human SpiritRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-04-03Our Six Sources: Love as a Reponse to LoveRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-03-27Our Six Sources: Wisdom from the World's ReligionsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-03-20Our Six Sources: Prophetic Deeds of Women and MenRev. Allison BarrettReadListen
2011-03-13Our Six Sources: Mystery and WonderRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-03-06International Women's DayCatherine Lake and Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-02-27People Like UsRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-02-20Paganism and the Interdependent WebJanice TaitReadListen
2011-02-13Starlings in WinterFiona HeathListen
2011-02-06To Whom It May Concern: Musings on a Life at PrayerRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-01-30The Spiritual Implications of Groundhog DayRev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-01-23Which Way to Mecca?Rev. Shawn NewtonReadListen
2011-01-16A Question of BelongingRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2011-01-09A Community of Books and PeopleRev. Peter Hughes and members of the Library Committee
2011-01-02Making the Most of RegretRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-12-26The Real Meaning of Boxing DayRev. Shawn Newton
2010-12-24Between the Manger and the MallRev. Shawn Newton
2010-12-19Lovely, Dark, and DeepRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-12-12How the Unitarians Created ChristmasRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-12-05Prisoners of ConscienceRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-11-28MusicDallas Bergen, our choir, and our resident musicians
2010-11-21To Build the Beloved Community: A Celebration of First Unitarian Congregation of TorontoRev. Shawn Newton
2010-11-14Where Faith and Justice MeetRev. Shawn Newton
2010-11-07Why We ExistRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-10-31Counting Love's True Cost: A Celebration of Samhain and All SoulsRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-10-24A Climate of ChangeEllen Campbell, Margaret Rao, and Eryl Court
2010-10-17Unitarianism Universalism in One WordFiona Heath
2010-10-10Living Out of Gratitude: Annual Bread Communion ServiceRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-10-03What Friends Are ForRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-09-26Transition Towns and a Spiritual Sense of PlaceDr. Blake Poland and Rev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-09-19Living in Right RelationshipRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-09-12Water Communion and IngatheringRev. Shawn Newton
2010-09-05Happy New Year?Tracey Erin Smith
2010-08-29Course AdjustmentsRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-08-22Dog Days: The Art of Doing Nothing Much at AllRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-08-15Both Sides Now: the Bittersweet Blessings of Having Been AroundRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-08-08Amazing Grace! A Field Guide for UnitariansRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-08-01Exiting Our Comfort Zones as Spiritual PracticeCarly Gaylor
2010-07-25Language of Reverence: Exploring the Diversity of UU Language About That Which is Most important to UsCarly Gaylor
2010-07-18All You Need Is LoveCarly Gaylor
2010-07-11Elephant Truth: Exploring relative and absolute truthCarly Gaylor
2010-07-04Saving the Starfish: Community Building and Social ActionCarly Gaylor
2010-06-27Full CircleCarly Gaylor, Summer Minister
2010-06-20The Wheels on the BusRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2010-06-13Promises to KeepRev. Shawn Newton
2010-06-06Flower CommunionPartner Church Committee and Vicky Sanderson
2010-05-30Our Whole Lives: Faith and SexualityRev. Shawn Newton
2010-05-23Why I'm Not an AtheistMichael Battenberg
2010-05-16Silver, Gold and PlatinumRev. Shawn Newton
2010-05-09The Spiritual Practice of SleepRev. Shawn Newton
2010-05-02A Celebration of Music at Toronto FirstRev. Shawn Newton and Dallas Bergen, Director of Congregational Music
2010-04-25Spiritual But Not Religious...Rev. Shawn Newton
2010-04-18Saving More Than Whales: a Unitarian Vision of 'SalvationRev. Shawn Newton
2010-04-11Speaking With One's VoiceCameron LintonReadListen
2010-04-04Threatened With Resurrection: An Easter CelebrationRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-03-28Living Beyond the Breaking PointRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-03-21Walt Whitman, My Brother, and the Great BeyondIlene CummingsRead
2010-03-14The Art of the ApologyRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-03-07Telling Our StoriesWomen of Toronto FirstListen
2010-02-28Making Peace with JesusRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-02-21Creative ConflictRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-02-14All Kinds of Love: a Celebration of Poetry and MusicRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-02-07Getting EngagedBeth Ann McFadden and the Member Engagement TeamListen
2010-01-31A Celebration of the Music of UU Jim ScottDallas Bergen, Director of Congregational MusicListen
2010-01-24An Amid-Life Crisis...Rev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-01-17The Other G WordRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-01-10The G WordRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2010-01-03Ignite! – Fire Communion ServiceRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-12-27The Year in ReviewLay Chaplains Peter Brydon, Margaret Kohr and Margaret RaoListen
2009-12-24This Shining NightRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-12-20The Light of TruthRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-12-13The Fire of CommitmentRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-12-06The Glow of LoveRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-11-29The Warmth of CompassionRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-11-22The Urban MenaceRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-11-15Test of FaithAngela Klassen, Director of Lifespan Religious EducationRead
2009-11-08Unimagined Change or Delayed JourneyDouglas BuckReadListen
2009-11-01What They Dreamed Be Ours to DoRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-10-25Connecting the Dots: United Nations SundayRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-10-18For Giving and For GettingRev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-10-11Giving Thanks for Small MiraclesRev. Peter HughesListen
2009-10-04It's Up to Us!Kalvin Drake, President of the Canadian Unitarian CouncilReadListen
2009-09-27Why Bother?!Rev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-09-20Text AppealRev. Shawn Newton
2009-09-13In the Moment: A Celebration of Water CommunionRev. Shawn Newton
2009-09-06Beyond Belief: Confessions of a Religious NaturalistMichael BattenbergRead
2009-08-30Is Faith Meant to be Kept?Rev. Shawn NewtonListen
2009-08-23Is There Unity in Our Diversity?Rev. Shawn Newton
2009-08-16Is There Meaning in Suffering?Rev. Shawn Newton
2009-08-09Is Happiness Our Aim?Rev. Shawn Newton
2009-08-02Is All the World a Stage?Tracey Erin Smith
2009-07-26The Liberal Heart of IslamRev. John McCarthy
2009-07-19Love and Intimacy in CommunityRev. John McCarthyRead
2009-07-12Fortune Favours the BraveRev. John McCarthyRead
2009-07-05Emerson in Our LivesRev. John McCarthy, Summer MinisterRead
2009-06-28Born in HeresyDr. Marvin Anderson
2009-06-21Pride and PrejudiceRev. Shawn Newton
2009-06-14For Work That Is RealRev. Shawn Newton
2009-06-07Flower CommunionRev. Shawn Newton
2009-05-31Phoenix Rising: Finding Renewal WithinYouth of the Congregation
2009-05-24This I Believe: Coming of Age SundayComing of Age Youth
2009-05-17Refusing to Shame, Choosing to ClaimDr. Marvin Anderson
2009-05-10A Wing and a PrayerRev. Shawn Newton
2009-05-03Be the Voice of HopeDallas Bergen, Director of Congregational Music
2009-04-26We Are the ChangeRobbie Brydon and Worship Team
2009-04-19A Celebration of Earth DayFirst Unitarian Green Team
2009-04-12Our Saving MessageRev. Shawn Newton
2009-04-05What Makes for a Meaningful DaBarb Wentworth
2009-03-29What Price Perfection?Rev. Shawn Newton
2009-03-22Would I Shelter You? Would You Shelter Me?Rev. Shawn Newton
2009-03-15Rev. Katherine Britain, Minister of our neighbouring congregation, St. Matthew's United
2009-03-15Fried Fish Last Night Dear?Rev. Peter House
2009-03-08Talking Our WalkRev. Kathy Sage
2009-03-01Moving Boulders in an Age of Climate Change: Farming a Future in the Hidden HimalayasDr. Susan Walsh, Executive Director, USC Canada
2009-03-01The Increasing LightKate Chung
2009-02-22Explaining Our Faith With Three WordsRev. Shawn Newton
2009-02-15Evolving Toward EnlightenmentRev. Shawn Newton
2009-02-08The Many Faces of LoveBeth Ann McFadden and Vicky Sanderson
2009-02-01The Adventures of Reverend XRev. Shawn Newton
2009-01-25The Sacrament of Small GroupsRev. Shawn Newton
2009-01-18Life Passages: Reflections on Life as a Lay ChaplainOur Lay Chaplains
2009-01-11Photography of the SpiritCameron LintonRead
2009-01-11To Act or Shut Down?Melina Bondy
2009-01-04Our Annual Fire Communion ServiceRev. Shawn Newton
2008-12-28Enlightenment-Endarkenment: Reflections on Gifts of the Light and Gifts of the DarkDiane Bosman and Paul Bognar
2008-12-28365 Days, How Do You Measure a Year?Tracey Erin Smith
2008-12-24Sure On This Shining NightRev. Shawn Newton
2008-12-21Light in the DarknessRev. Shawn Newton
2008-12-14Of Human BondageRev. Shawn Newton
2008-12-07Paradise Lost and FoundRev. Shawn Newton
2008-11-30Unplugging the Holiday MachineRev. Shawn Newton
2008-11-23The Great Good PlaceRev. Shawn Newton
2008-11-16Honour SystemRev. Shawn Newton
2008-11-09Control IssuesRev. Shawn Newton
2008-11-02Standing in our Choices and Transforming the ImpasseCarol Wilson
2008-10-26The Family of All SoulsRev. Shawn Newton
2008-10-19Change the World before the Other Guys DoBruce Knotts, Executive Director of the UU-UNO
2008-10-12Leavened LivingRev. Shawn Newton
2008-10-05What Shall We Give the Children?Angela Klassen, Director of Lifespan Religious EducationRead
2008-09-28To Build Temples of the HeartRev. Shawn Newton
2008-09-21Edifice ComplexRev. Shawn Newton
2008-09-14Blame It On Our YouthRev. Shawn Newton
2008-09-07Taking the TideRev. Shawn Newton
2008-08-31Awaken the Ape WithinMichael Battenberg
2008-08-24Service is Our PrayerRev. Shawn Newton
2008-08-17The Quest for Truth Is Our SacramentRev. Shawn Newton
2008-08-10Love Is Our DoctrineRev. Shawn Newton
2008-08-03To Be Famous, To Be FreeRev. Jessica Purple Rodela
2008-07-27On Being Born Again and AgainRev. Jessica Purple Rodela
2008-07-20Seven Ways of SeeingRev. Jessica Purple RodelaRead
2008-07-13Life, Liberty, and the (non) Pursuit of HappinessRev. Jessica Purple RodelaRead
2008-07-06Stranger TerritoryRev. Jessica Purple Rodela
2008-06-29Proudly Riding Pride's CoattailsRev. Jessica Purple Rodela, Summer Minister
2008-06-22Counting TimeRev. Shawn Newton
2008-06-15A Life at the ImprovRev. Shawn Newton
2008-06-08Sweet, Impossible BlossomRev. Shawn Newton
2008-06-01My Grandmother's God, My Father's God and My GodRev. James Ishmael Ford
2008-05-25A Month of SundaysRev. Shawn Newton
2008-05-18What's Love Got To Do With It?Judy Vellend
2008-05-11We Need One AnotherRev. Shawn Newton
2008-05-04On Babies and Bath WaterRev. Shawn Newton
2008-04-27Messages from the Animal KingdomIlene CummingsRead
2008-04-20It's Not Easy Being GreenRev. Shawn Newton
2008-04-13Beauty ContestRev. Shawn Newton
2008-04-06The Unitarian Genome ProjectRev. Shawn Newton
2008-03-30Do We Know How to Work Together?Rev. Felicia Urbanski
2008-03-23Being the ResurrectionRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2008-03-16Shopping for a MessiahRev. Peter Hughes
2008-03-09Natural BurialJanet McCauslandRead
2008-03-02Are We There, Yet?Rev. Shawn Newton
2008-02-24Only the LonelyRev. Shawn Newton
2008-02-17Simultaneous, Yet Different: The Prism of Our FaithRev. Jessica Purple Rodela
2008-02-10Punctuated EquilibriumRev. Shawn NewtonRead
2008-02-03A celebration and Service of Installation of the Reverend Shawn Newton as 23rd minister of Toronto First, with reception
2008-02-03Mercury in RetrogradeRev. Roger Peltier, Minister of the UU Church of Sarasota, Florida
2008-01-27WorthshipRev. Shawn Newton
2008-01-20Beware of SafetyNorma McPhee
2008-01-13Reaffirmation, Rededication and Tales from the RoadLay Chaplains
2008-01-06The Fire of CommitmentRev. Shawn Newton
2007-12-30I'm Not Sure...Can I Still Believe?Robbie Brydon
2007-12-24Let Christmas ComeRev. Shawn Newton
2007-12-23A Living NativityRev. Shawn Newton
2007-12-21Winter Solstice ServiceRev. Shawn Newton with Members of the Congregation
2007-12-19Blue Christmas ServiceRev. Shawn Newton
2007-12-16Labyrinthine LivingRev. Shawn Newton, Helen Iacovino, Nancy Kasper and Michael Moon
2007-12-09To Light or To Curse?Rev. Shawn Newton
2007-12-02You Can't Always Get What You WantRev. Shawn Newton
2007-11-25This Preaching ThingRev. Shawn Newton
2007-11-18Radical HospitalityRev. Shawn Newton
2007-11-11Say You Love This WorldIlene CummingsRead
2007-11-04The Art of PossibilityRev. Shawn Newton
2007-10-28For All the SaintsRev. Shawn Newton
2007-10-21Only One EarthRev. Shawn Newton and Members of the Congregation
2007-10-14The Intimacy of Being RealCarol WilsonRead
2007-10-07A Gratitude AdjustmentRev. Shawn Newton
2007-09-30Turn! Turn! Turn!Rev. Shawn Newton
2007-09-23Terms of EngagementRev. Shawn Newton
2007-09-16The Village PeopleRev. Shawn Newton
2007-09-09Our New Called Minister: The Journey is the DestinationRev. Shawn Newton
2007-09-02A voice says 'Cry out!'Karen Fraser Gitlitz
2007-08-26Evolutionary HumanismEllen CampbellRead
2007-08-19Water: the Aboriginal PerspectiveSister Priscilla Solomon
2007-08-12Love and RealityKaren Fraser Gitlitz
2007-08-05The Power of ImaginationNorma McPhee
2007-07-29The PauseKaren Fraser Gitlitz
2007-07-22The Way of Mrs. CosmopiliteKaren Fraser Gitlitz
2007-07-15Being in the Body as SpiritBrenda Ponic
2007-07-08Allowing Opinion Its Free CourseRev. Chris Raible
2007-07-01Stories of a NationKaren Fraser Gitlitz, Summer Minister
2007-06-24Spirituality and Community (Pride Sunday)John J. Guiney YallopRead
2007-06-17The Fire and the Rose are OneRev. Janet Newman
2007-06-10The Time You Have Wasted on Your RoseRev. Janet Newman
2007-06-03A Combination Coming of Age Service and Flower Communion. Every family and individual is invited to bring a flower and everyone takes a different flower home, In this way we continue a tradition begun in the Czech Unitarian congregations many years ago.Coming of Age Youth
2007-05-27A Testament of GratitudeMembers and Friends of the Congregation
2007-05-20Selfish, Selfless and Self-DisconnectCarol WilsonRead
2007-05-13Honoring the Past, Nurturing the Future: Mothers and OthersRev. Janet Newman
2007-05-06Forgiveness in an Unforgiving AgeRev. Janet Newman
2007-04-29Forward through the StagesRev. Janet Newman
2007-04-22Testifying With Our LivesRev. Shawn Newton
2007-04-15The Forest for the TreesRev. Shawn Newton
2007-04-08So Much in BudRev. Janet Newman
2007-04-01On Reverence and ReverendsRev. Janet Newman
2007-03-25What Do You UU's Believe, Anyway?Rev. Janet Newman
2007-03-18MarkingsRev. Janet Newman
2007-03-11Music as MetaphorRev. Janet Newman
2007-03-04To Make an Offering to the Life ForceRev. Janet Newman
2007-02-25Putting Belief Into ActionBryce TaylorRead
2007-02-18Simple HeroismRev. Janet Newman
2007-02-11The Faces and Phases of LoveRev. Janet Newman
2007-02-04I Have a DreamRev. Janet Newman
2007-01-28The Life of ChoiceRev. Janet Newman
2007-01-21Celebrating the T in LGBTQ: One Family's Sacred JourneyJoan WileyRead
2007-01-14Promises for the New YearRev. Janet Newman and members of the task force on Right Relations
2007-01-07For the Time BeingRev. Janet Newman, Interim Minister
2005-03-20Why We Can’t Be Friends Forever, or Why It Takes a Year to Say Good-ByeRev. Mark Morrison-ReedRead
2004-08-29Embracing ChangePeter HouseRead
2004-02-01Does Marrriage Need Defending?Rev. Allison BarrettRead
2003-09-14It's Turtles All the Way DownRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
2002-12-15Pacifism is not PassiveLaura FriedmanRead
2002-05-12Couch Potatoes and Plato's CaveRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
2001-08-26The Speed of LifePeter BoulattaRead
2000-11-05Doing the DishesRev. Mark Morrison-ReedRead
2000-08-06Out of the Garden and Into the WorldChris HillmanRead
1999-12-12Light One CandleRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
1999-05-05charlotte@twenty.caRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
1998-10-18Resist Not EvilRev. Mark Morrison-ReedRead
1997-11-16From Aging to SagingRev. Mark Morrison-ReedRead
1997-10-05Water Crashing on StoneSheri Prud'homme, Intern MinisterRead
1997-01-05From You I Receive (Everyday Heroes 1)Rev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
1996-05-26Roving LeadershipRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
1996-02-25The Great EscapeRev. Mark Morrison-ReedRead
1996-01-28Slow MiraclesRev. Mark Morrison-ReedRead
1995-11-26A Religion of One and AllRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
1995-03-28Life With a BeeperRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
1995-01-01To Serve LifeRev. Donna Morrison-ReedRead
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