Rent A Room

Rent Space at First

We welcome renters of all kinds! Our spaces are suitable for meetings, recitals, seminars, workshops, weddings, film shoots, concerts, classes … enquire about how we can meet your needs.

  • Very reasonable rates
  • Available for full day or partial day or evening
  • Fully accessible to people with mobility challengesPlease note: Under most circumstances, renters must provide their own insurance liability certificate. Contact our Administrator to discuss your situation.

Sunderland Hall

Sunderland Hall

Dimensions: 64’ by 52’ (hall); 13’ by 52’ (platform). Seating for up to 300.

This is a beautiful open space with large skylights. It is ideal for recitals, concerts, lectures, workshops, weddings, auditions, etc.

This hall has exceptional acoustics and an excellent sound system operated from a sound booth. Our Steinway Concert Grand piano complements this space.

Workman Hall

Workman Hall

Dimensions: 47’ by 43’. Comfortably seats 150 people lecture-style or 125 for a meal.

Our second largest space has a bright and cheery ambiance with its natural lighting. It has a sound system, a built-in movie projection screen, and a complete kitchen adjoining. This popular rental space is multi-functional.

Alice Huston Library And Chapel


Dimensions: 20’ by 22’. Accommodates 20 people in a relaxing setting.

Dramatically located at the base of our tower, the library/chapel is a warm and intimate space. It is ideal for small meetings, weddings, dedications and memorial services.

The Narthex


Dimensions: 19’ by 67’

The Narthex provides a generous and visually stunning area linking to Sunderland Hall, Workman Hall and the Alice Huston Library/Chapel. Its high ceiling and natural light create a majestic feeling.

Shaw Hall

Shaw Hall

Dimensions: 29’ by 40’: Seats 65 comfortably.

This is a highly functional multi-purpose area with natural light and a small adjoining kitchen servery.

Emily Stowe Board Room


With seating for up to 20, this carpeted room is ideal for small meetings.

Spirit Play

Spirit Play room

This bright room has an adjacent nursery-size toilet.