Your Pledge to Project 473

Building a New Home in a New Community

This pledge is your financial commitment in support of the Project 473 Capital Campaign.

Thank you for considering your financial commitment to the Project 473 Capital Campaign. This is a special commitment to help build a new home for First, and is separate from your regular annual pledge. The total amount of your donation can be remitted at one time, or made in installments over any period of time up to June 2024.

Circumstances can change. You may update or cancel your pledge at any time if necessary.  Please notify Mary Anne Roche, Director of Administration at 416-924-9654.

You may download and complete a printable copy of this form.

If you’d like to discuss your pledge or the pledging process, please contact Nacia Miller at 647-539-3410 or send an email to the campaign team. For assistance online, please contact Mo MacMahon at 416-654-5659.

I will donate this amount to the Project 473 Capital Campaign in these years:

Note that the Campaign team will never share the AMOUNT of your donation except within our finance team.