What does Membership mean? How does it happen? And what does it entail?

The Path to Membership is a Journey to a Deeper Commitment. We hope that your relationship with The First Unitarian Congregation of Toronto will be spiritually, intellectually, and emotionally rewarding. We are pleased you have chosen to worship with us, and we invite you to participate in our programs and activities, whether or not you are ready for full membership. When you are ready, membership will be a natural step, a way to express your joy in - and responsibility for - this faith community.

About Belonging

Belonging to a Unitarian Universalist congregation means different things to different people.

In keeping with the philosophy and character of the denomination, there is considerable breadth and variety in the possible degree and spheres of individual involvement. Some are highly involved, leading small groups, teaching Sunday school, participating on committees, preparing coffee on Sunday mornings, perhaps singing or dancing in one of our choirs. Then there are those who have a very loose affiliation, choosing not to become members, coming out to services from time to time.

These folks are “Friends of First”, and we are glad to have them among us. That said, those who commit to sharing the rewards and the responsibilities of active membership will benefit the most from this community.

The Meaning of Membership

The decision to become a Member of a religious community is an important one; it is a commitment not only to oneself but to a Congregation as well. Membership is a rite of passage that marks the transition from a solitary religious journey to one that is communal. Just as this community encourages and supports your spiritual growth, you will be expected to do the same for your fellow members. As we seek hope, meaning, truth, wisdom and inspiration together we will also deepen our roots and strengthen our bonds. We will take turns giving and receiving. We will share in each others’ joys and concerns. We will celebrate together; and we will mourn together.

Living in community is not always easy, but by working together, respecting our differences and listening with open hearts and minds, we can make this the place of strength, action, acceptance, solace and joy that we want it to be.

The decision to become a member is an emotional and a spiritual commitment, but it is also a physical and financial commitment. By giving your physical presence (your time and energy) and your financial support to the Congregation, you will demonstrate your commitment to help this community thrive, grow and transform lives.

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“The time to make friends is before you need them.”
-- Traditional proverb