In Memoriam

We mourn and celebrate our Members and Friends who have died.

If you have more information, please send it by email.

PhotoNameDeceasedLearn More
Judy MagneyApril 2024Obituary
Peter HughesApril 2024Obituary
Albert TerpstraJanuary 2024
Elayne WiegandDecember 2023Obituary
John LewisOctober 2023
Yvonne GreigOctober 2023Obituary
Iris WardAugust 2023Obituary
Harriet XanthakosAugust 2023Obituary
Bill BelfontaineJuly 2023Obituary
Harvey ArmstrongJuly 2023Obituary
Rev. Rod Solano-QuesnelJuly 2023Obituary
Margaret NewallJuly 2023Obituary, Member of the Order of Canada, awarded 2004, YWCA Women of Distinction, awarded 2022, “Social justice advocate Margaret Newall assisted refugees, domestic violence victims”
Diane WagnerJune 2023
Grace BrooksMay 2023
Sally MooreApril 2023Obituary
Marnie Keith-MurrayMarch 2023Obituary
Bob ShermanMarch 2023
Paul WattonJanuary 2023Obituary
John Von der LiethOctober 2022
Joan EricksonOctober 2022Obituary
(Lillian) Lee GordonOctober 2022
Vi White NewallAugust 2022Obituary
Jean GaltAugust 2022Obituary
Bert ChristensenAugust 2022Obituary
Edith Jasechko-BurtonMarch 2022Obituary
Eleanor EngelbertMarch 2022
Chai KalevarFebruary 2022Obituary
Mia BenningaJanuary 2022
Brian NormanDecember 2021Obituary
Cory SargantDecember 2021
Harry DrexlerOctober 2021Obituary
Ken MacKeracherOctober 2021Obituary
Trudy VuralSeptember 2021
Ann Drew-BrookAugust 2021Obituary
Cavell TyrrellJuly 2021Obituary
Muriel FordJune 2021Obituary
Alexandrina (Alex) MitchellMay 2021
Allan CurrieMay 2021Obituary
Ellen FreiMarch 2021Obituary
Anne MontagnesJanuary 2021Obituary
Jean McCorkleDecember 2020
Shirley GrantDecember 2020
Louise PattersonOctober 2020Obituary
J. Victor ParkerJune 2020Obituary
Feature article (Global News, June 2018)
Metrolinx Customer profile (June 2018)
Frank O'HaraMarch 2020Obituary
Feature article (Toronto StarApril 2021)
Margaret BirnieMarch 2020Obituary
Betty PooleFebruary 2020Obituary
Rod McLeodDecember 2019Obituary
Lives Lived
Tom HeintzmanOctober 2019Obituary
Freda MartinAugust 2019Obituary
Frank KolhatkarAugust 2019Obituary
Malcolm ReedJuly 2019Obituary
Larry WulffMarch 2019Obituary
Doug RutherfordFebruary 2019Obituary
Eryl CourtNovember 2018Obituary
Phip WiegandAugust 2018Obituary
Margo HollandJanuary 2018
Linda Paulson2018
Heather Bev LeverDecember 2017Obituary
Priscilla ColeDecember 2017Obituary
Ronnie RuskNovember 2017Obituary
Mark JorgensenAugust 2017Obituary
Nancy KasperDecember 2016
Beate ZiegertNovember 2016Obituary
Dorene JacobsMay 2016Obituary
Bruce SchwartzentruberNovember 2014Obituary