Healthy Relationships at First

Healthy Relationships at First

We ask all of our members and friends to do their best to be respectful, empathetic, and accepting of differences. We strive to be accepting of diverse points of view and to create peace in ourselves, our community and our world.

Sometimes things don’t go well. We encourage people to embrace their own capacities for apology and forgiveness and to seek help if serious conflicts arise. Our leaders are committed to working with any member who needs assistance. You may choose to connect with anyone on the Executive Committee, or a Minister or Lay Pastor to begin a conversation about what you have experienced and how to work towards resolution of a concern.

We uphold our principles with the help of several policies which guide our approach when serious breaches of appropriate behaviour occur. These policies include:

Anti Harassment Policies 2002.04 (2002)
Health and Safety Policy 2012.04 (2012)
Human Resources Policy 2018.03 (2018)
Online and Social Media Communications Policy 2018.05 (2018)
Sexual Misconduct Policy 1995 (1995)
Safe Steps Policy 2017.08 (2017)