Cool Links

Videos from YouTube:

  • Unitarianism Explained: Rev. David Usher, Unitarian London (UK) District Minister, explains that Unitarians believe in “Deeds, Not Creeds”.
  • Unitarian Universalism in 30 seconds: “I’m an atheist… a Buddhist… a Daoist… a Humanist… an Agnostic… But we all worship at the same church.”
  • Voices of a Liberal Faith: Different paths to Unitarian-Universalism e.g., “We came for our children; and we stayed for ourselves.”
  • You’re a Uni-What?: A multimedia presentation hosted by Peter Bowden and Amy Freedman, including testimonies by many UUs.
  • Why I Am UU: Part 1 and Part 2: Ten people begin to tell their stories.
  • An Open Source Faith: Unitarian Universalism provides us with principles that we can use to customize our lives. Tim Berners-Lee lives his UU principles by gifting his invention of the World Wide Web to the world.
  • People of Faith, Standing on the Side of Love: A Gospel music slide showing UU tributes to Equal Marriage in the USA

Other Cool Sites: